No Rain On My Parade


[image courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere]
Clouds were looming today and the grounds were wet, but this gloomy weather did not have any affect on my pleasant Wednesday. In fact, these rains have been long overdue. My Hunters (the Wellies seen above...yes, Wellies, Nat) have just been begging to be worn, and they finally got their call to duty this morning. I had a tough time deciding between a yellow or red pair, but after much thought and negotiating with Julianne, we settled on classic Memorial red. Emily may have had a small influence as well...or a big one.

After 1st period, my friend Macy (yes, Macy, you just got your very own BOD shout out) surprised me with the umbrella I was obsessing over last week. I can't thank you enough, Mace! The clear color and the bubble shape. Gosh, it's even more to die for in person. She even ordered several for herself and her mom's friends. Whoever said rainy days weren't meant for the stylish was seriously mistaken.

[My girl Macy and I in New York last April getting ready to see Corbin in In the Heights...hehe!!]

My after school agenda was hectic as usual with cheer practice, player-of-the-week jug making, CD burning, shower taking, senior picture sassiness with Meredith, Lexi, Caroline and Aubrey, and then the Strake night time pep rally. The pep rally was a total success with confetti canons, Travis's motivational speech, and a solid set of band stunts.

Last but not least, my day ended with my first real, legit college acceptance. I was checking up on my UT App status to see if CollegeBoard had finally sent in my SAT scores and low and behold was a notification that said....


Yes, the 8% rule guaranteed my acceptance, but didn't guarantee my major choice, so this is a mini milestone. 1 down, 6 to go!


Julianne said...

The Hunters really did deserve a post. Once again, YAY FOR COMMUNICATIONS! Love ya!