Superhero, Shakespeare, & Salsa



Today in English class, I had a timed writing in English over Hamlet. The complex language was daunting, but somehow I got through it and now just have to get Dante's Inferno under my belt.

But back to Shakespeare. I experienced this playwright's work in play form Friday night when Natalie and I went to see A Midsummer Night's Dream starring a few of my friends including Makenna, Lexi, Caroline, and Ethan. Natalie and I had a few obstacles to overcome before actually entering the playhouse (which included alleyways, a girls' basketball game..they won go Kirbs!, and 9 o'clock walks through the breezeway), but we made it just in time to see our favorite gals strut their stuff on stage. I can barely comprehend Hamlet nonetheless memorize it and act it on stage, so props to you ladies! Natalie and I left the play completely famished (what a shock), so we dined at Houston's right as it was closing, which Natalie informed me is a favorite amongst Houston rappers. How fitting for girls like Nat and me.

[Lexi, Makenna, me, Natalie, and Caroline]

Our first round of the playoffs resulted in victory! The final score was 34-9, but most of our fans probably won't remember that due to the distracting dancers in the opposing team's stands. Anyway, we have week two of the playoffs this Friday night at Rhodes against Alief Taylor! Go 'stangs!

[Lex, me & Jo]
[YB Clique ♥]
[to show off our Wonder Woman might, the girls put the girls in preps for red and white!]
[our pyramid from band stunts]

You probably know from posts past that I usually do something with the cheer girls post-games. Seeing that this game was in the afternoon, I had a whole night ahead of me. And, well, I used every bit of it. This evening deserves its own post, so until then, it's your girl--
signing off.


Carolyn said...

you and all your friends have very yellow teeth. mom told me the day she was going out to find those costumes..i can't believe she did.

Julianne said...

That pic of us is so brill. Your closing words about Saturday deserving its own post could not have been more correct. And now we have conquered Dante! Hehe