Admit It. You Love Pink.


I was in the middle of making a new music post (I know, terribly overdue!) when Natalie made a pitstop at my house on her way home for the night. What started as a quick drop-by for a chat and a peak at the lunar eclipse (um thanks clouds for making that a total fail) ended up to be a night of many adventures. I was doing some way overdue cleaning and reorganizing of my room, and lucky for me, this is Nat's forte. She has a knack for interior design. We went into full-on clean mode and barely spoke for minutes at a time being so in the zone.

A split 5-hour Energy later, an entire run through of both Elf and The Holiday in the background, a cut up calendar, and quite a few laughs and delirious comments, we found ourselves proud of what we had accomplished in just a nighttime. It's amazing what you can accomplish when everyone else is sleeping.

To reward ourselves, we went to The Kolache Factory making sure we were there right as the door opened at 6am. And as we headed home our minds must have still not been fully functioning considering the fact that we decided to venture into the private access only road that leads to the Houston Polo Club. What? We were curious, ok?

So, here I sit at my clean desk writing this post. It's very soothing and invites a much more stress-free mood (as Carolyn promised) and relaxing atmosphere. I'm going to try my hardest to keep it in this tidy state. For my own sanity...and so Natalie and my mom don't murder me.

I've had lazy nights-in planned for the past two evenings that have been suddenly interrupted out of the blue. Last night, Tyler and Marshall picked me, Julianne, and Brooke up to go look at Christmas lights. I've seen the River Oaks set up more than a few times, but it never ceases to make me ooh and ahh and kick my Christmas spirit into full gear as the big day is closely approaching. Every year, the excitement of Christmas fades more and more as concerns like college, friendships, relationships, and my next meal become more important to me than boxes underneath a tree. So, it's nice to do something with your closest friends that ignites that holiday hype a little more.

Anyway, back to that music post that I promised. Actually, I've yawned about 12 times while typing this, so it'll have to wait until later in the day. It's 7:20 am here and it's bedtime for me.


Carolyn said...

I am calmer and more soothed just knowing you did some cleaning. what about the bathroom products? chunked? i hope so.