Can't Focus


The Galleria was a mess and a half today, but I don't blame all the flustered shoppers. The deals today were pretty wondey. J. Crew and Banana were having fab storewide sales. Today I snagged myself a sequined pullover perfect for when I'm feeling casual but need a touch of sparkle. And I stumbled upon an adorable dress from Urban Outfitters from their vintage collection Urban Renewal. This line reconstructs vintage materials into something more modern looking. It'll be perf for Julianne's tea grad party at the Junior League!

I'm going to suffer serious separation anxiety from no new Gossip Girl episodes until the end of January. Perhaps Nat, Liz, Lex, and I will spot them in NYC? But good news! The actors contracts aren't up until after a 6th season.

My favorite fellow blogger, Emily from cupcakes and cashmere, got engaged! It shouldn't surprise you that along with all her cute clothes and amazing career she somehow managed to snag a good lookin' beau. Did I mention that he takes all her photographs for her blog? You're killin' me, Em.
[And the size of this photo and its slight creepiness on my part is also kinda killin' me...]

I remember loving ElfYourself videos from JibJab my freshman year. They've resurfaced this year, and I rekindled my love for them. It's a rare occasion that I laugh out loud by myself, but these vids get me every freakin' time. Check out Nat, Macy, and me:
Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Forget Words with Friends. Yes, mom, I said it. (Y'all..she's a WWF addict and it's outta control!). The new hot app in town is undoubtedly HeyTell. It's like a walkie-talkie on your phone. Many will argue that sending a voice memo is just the same, but HeyTell makes it quick and easy. So, if you're like me and you send thousands of texts within a few days (not kidding, it's kinda disgusting) consider HeyTell with your fellow iPhone friends. Plus, it'll make all your Blackberry friends wonder why they have still have yet to conform to the iPhone craze. And yes, it's free.

It's always refreshing to hear Christmas music during this time of year, but "Feliz Navidad" and Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" have seen their better days. This year, I'm loving Coldplay's "Christmas Lights" and The Weepies "All That I Want."

I shamelessly admit that this blog is probably my 3rd most visited site behind my email account and facebook. Let's talk about that Facebook thing. It's a global phenomenon, but I had no idea the story behind it. That being said, I was happy to see that The Social Network is raking in the awards at all of the film festivals. And my reasoning is two-fold: one, I thought the movie was brilliantly fascinating, absolutely hilarious, and the acting was suberb. And two, for once I've actually seen one of the movies up for these awards. And it didn't have to have some creepy storyline, a weird Hollywood liberal undertone, or be utterly impossible to understand. Combine the Winklevoss twins (Winklevi in the plural form le duh) and JT's sass and you're sure to have a heck of a movie. See more below...

I recently joined a site called Zinio that allows me to access all of my magazine subscriptions online. I still get the publications mailed to me, but this way I can screen shot some of my favorite layouts for graphic inspiration. And naturally, they have an iPad app, so meems, I may be stealin' that from you soon. Hopefully this will help boost the journalism/mag industry.

Now I've got one more night with my sis, so we're gonna do what sisters do fajitas, go to the mall for her last minute American purchases to bring back home, and chat the night away before we have to return to our cyber-sisterhood. Thanks for coming home, Cokes. That's probably my best Christmas gift.