Plan B Just Might Be Plan A


In eight months, I'll be moving. Moving out and moving on. I once told my nieces that I'd be moving and I don't think they really believed me. Honestly, I don't think I believe it myself. It has yet to register that this room I spend hours in every day will soon become just my room for the holidays. But, as I get closer to my moving date, my destination becomes clearer. As of now, my only option is the ATX (also known as Austin, Texas).

I was excited (and just relieved) to be accepted into my major at UT, but I knew I wanted to dig for something deeper at Texas than a communications degree. I want to make the most of my undergrad experience, and I didn't know if communications would suffice. I debated long and hard about whether I should apply to be in Business Honors or Plan II. After weighing the pros and cons, I sent in an app to Plan II. I knew that was the riskier option, but I opted for it anyway. I didn't expect any reply from them until late March. But, low and behold, a large manila envelope arrived in my mailbox on December 6th from the Plan II Honors office (got a text notifying me of this from my mom in calculus class and nearly panicked of mixed emotions!). I rushed home to open the envelope before I had to scurry off to cheer practice. Due to unordinary circumstances, two of my sisters were home to experience the big opening with me. And luckily, the news was good. Very good. I was accepted! My eyes watered up (though my eyes shed tears easier than most) and I sighed of relief. And for the first time, I finally felt like I was meant to be a longhorn. I know, so cheesy, but so true.

I titled this post "Plan B" because I had many a friend congratulate me for getting into "Plan B." So, allow me to inform you a little more about this program starting with its proper name--Plan II. I don't know who could explain the basic principles of the program better than the Plan II professors and alumni themselves, so here's an excerpt from their website:
Established in 1935, Plan II is a challenging interdisciplinary honors major with a required core curriculum. With freedom to cross intellectual and disciplinary boundaries, Plan II students explore everything that makes us human in the best sense, from ancient poetry to the latest discoveries in physics and cosmology. The core curriculum requirements include the study of literature, philosophy, society, the arts, math and natural sciences.
I'll be a Plan II Honors/Journalism major as of now. I'll be taking the majority of my classes within the Plan II program where my classes will only have up to 20 people in them, my professors will invite me over for dinner, and the discussions are supposedly enthralling. Then, I'll have a couple of Comm classes with over 400 people. So, I get the best of both worlds. The large university with all sorts of people including some familiar faces, the football team (they're gonna get their A game back!), the big city, the resources of a large public university, the Greek system, the 2 hour drive home, and the discount price tag. But, I also get the intimate small private college feel, the small teacher to student ratio, intellectual thinkers, and a degree that some claim is more valuable than any Ivy league in the country and allows you to write your ticket to just about any grad school on your horizon. As an experienced shopper, that sounds like a dang good deal to me.

Now, I have a few months to wait before I hear back from my other schools. I guess my destination in eight months could be Nashville, Durham, or New York City. But, something tells me I need to keep my Texas drivers license, embrace living close to home, and get my tickets for Austin City Limits next year. But I'm still gonna hold off on the "Enroll" button for now. I'll keep you updated. Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


Carolyn said...

You're on a roll, blogger! Plan II is totes for you.

Lana B said...

AAGGHHHHHH YAY PLAN II!!!!! This gt-ness is for you DEFINITELY.