So Make A Wish & Hold On Tights


{click on "Ringing in the New Year" for a look at all the items and descriptions on one page via Polyvore}

For awhile now I've had a feature on my sidebar listing "What's Newly Hung In My Closet." As I sit here packing for my NYC trip, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share what will be in my suitcase. I also just felt the need to return back to my fashion writing roots. It's been oh so long...too long. The temperatures scream go for comfort and not style, but I'm determined to dress with both in mind. So scroll through my little collection above if you want a sneak peak of my Big Apple winter wardrobe. Below are some comments on my selections.

one) Fur & Capes.
My mom busted out her mink fur vest as soon as her four daughters told her it was "so in" this season.

two) Booties.
Tried these on with Julianne the other day at Steve Madden. My style doesn't usually include such a grunge look, but I kinda dig 'em. Not gonna lie.

three) Animal Prints.
They're everywhere, leopard in particular. Combine this with the fur trend and you'll be the hippest girl on the block.

four) Soft Pinks.
For whatever reason, I've found myself drawn to this soft pink shade recently. It's a good neutral that isn't the usual tans, browns, blacks, and whites.

five) Tribal Prints.
I've been spotting tribal prints everywhere. Ever since my Colorado-bound friend Natalie wore her Urban tribal sweater to school, I've wanted one for myself. Still have yet to find the perfect one.

six) Bold Tights.
Black patterned tights are one thing. Bold colors like this fire engine red are another. But I'm going for it.

seven) Plaid Button Downs.
This may go in that "borderline grunge" category I just mentioned. Regardless of what vibe it gives off, the plaid button down I bought today is super comfy and is gonna look adorbs with some Hunters and jeggings on a rainy afternoon.

eight) Sequin Jackets & Pullovers.
My eyes light up when I see sequins. And now they're plastered on far more than a cocktail dress or headband.

nine) Lace.
If anybody knows how to do lace, it's ModCloth. They're the creators of this gorgeous lace blouse that embodies such elegance.

ten) White Boots.
I've been DYING to find white boots. If I just inspired you to find some too, restrain from the urge. It's completely disappointing and exhausting.

eleven) Cross-over Bags.
Chain straps. Ruffles. And my new favorite shade of pink. I'll be hunting down all of these things in a bag when we hit up Canal Street. Harwin on steroids--any girl's haven.

twelve) Sequin Fitted Dresses.
I've had a gold dress for almost a year now that I have yet to wear. It's about time Goldylocks got its big debut. And what better occasion than New Years Eve?

thirteen) Turtlenecks.
Turtlenecks will keep me warm on top when I'm sporting jeans or cords and also go well under a dress with tights.

fourteen) Winter Hats.
I own a couple summer hats, but I still need to invest in some winter head gear like this adorable camel hat.

fifteen) Earmuffs.
My friend Kristin ventured to the big city this past week and told me earmuffs are "a must."

sixteen) Gloves.
Rarely do I need to whip out gloves in hellaciously hot H-town, but NYC is a whole 'nother story. After all, holding my morning cup of jo will only heat one hand at a time!

seventeen) Snake Skins.
I bought a snake skin skirt in Vienna this summer and am having visions of it paired with black tights and a grey sweater as I explore the meatpacking district. And no, it ain't real people. Relax.

eighteen) Boyfriend Watches.
I'm still debating whether or not I would sport a watch daily, but if I find a good buy on Canal street, I just may have to get one and find out for myself.

nineteen) Corduroys.
I'm always looking for a good denim substitute, and for the winter cords are perfect. Urban has a wide array of colors for a killer price.

twenty) Bright Scarves.
After sorting through my scarves, I've noticed most of them are in highlighter shades or feature bright bold prints. I guess I'm drawn to any pop of color for dreary winter days.

I've got quite an agenda before I leave. I've got yearbook proofs to edit and one last application I need to make some finishing touches to! And coincidentally, it's NYU. My mom will just be proud I did my packing before 10 the night before. That's either an indication of my growing responsibility as I age or just my sheer excitement for this trip. Probably the latter. Oh well!


Juj said...

This post made me wanna go shopping...again. Thanks for encouraging my sickness, B.

Natalie McAninch said...

Yay! So excited, you're going to look so stylish, but not as cute as me! ;) JK that was bs.