Easy Come, Easy Go


I got home from school today at around 10 o'clock. I spent the better part of my afternoon and evening in the yearbook room editing. Since I am just recently making the transition from being absorbed in cheerleading to completely immersing myself in yearbook/Holly Hartman world, I haven't spent as many late nights as my fellow editors--Lana, Claire, and Dani. But, tonight reminded me how much I adore their company. So, here I go on my spiel about how much I love yearbook. There's my warning for you if this topic totally disinterests you because, well, it's a high school yearbook.

[in front of Columbia's journalism building...crossing my fingers for grad school!]

When I started drafting my resumé, I had a tough time deciding whether to put cheerleading or yearbook as my first extracurricular activity, seeing that they want you to list them in order of importance. I chose yearbook. Practically every other post this year may have been somehow cheer related, but when you boil it down, my love for blogging traces its roots back to my passion for my journalism and yearbook classes. I am, after all, a journalism major as of right now.

You see, I love it all. I love the graphic aspect. I love the writing. I love the photography. I love the editing process. I love creating something over a long period of time and watching it develop. I love the group of people. I love the classroom. It's kind of my closet-love, really. I don't really talk about it much, but it gives me a thrill. It's my only class where where my work seems worthwhile. What I complete on a computer screen eventually becomes a published piece of work in the hands of hundreds of students. And as much as I loved every minute of cheerleading, yearbook is something that extends far beyond the four walls of R-206. It extends to my future and to what I love doing every night before I sleep--writing creatively.

Here's to a semester full of late nights, laughs, and layouts!


Lana B said...

Here's to a semester of praying we don't all blow up R206! Yay!

No but really, love you and love this a ton.