In a Book, In a Box, In the Closet


I promise I'll get to NYC soon. I just uploaded all of my photos to Facebook; that was a feat in itself. For now, I'll show you my newest musical obsession. It's from the movie soundtrack from "Country Strong" starring Gwenyth Paltrow, Tim McGraw, and Leighton Meester. Leave it to Leighton to make me rethink my negative opinions toward country music. The film comes out in theatres today, so if you take as much of a liking to the song as I did, go check it out as well!
Enjoy and happy weekend!


Lana B said...

She.... SINGS?! Blaire sings... She sings. What?!

Amy said...

it may not have gotten good reviews... but i LOVED that movie! it brought back memories of nashville... loved gwyneth... adored that cute new boy garrett (who is apparently leighton's new beau!)... and thought it was probably a pretty real life depiction of the country western world. have you seen it?