Lovely in Lavender



I confess. I have a complete girl crush on Natalie Portman. I never saw The Black Swan (I'm a little scurred), but from the little I have seen of her, she is just a doll! I was elated to see her win best actress.

I always watch bits and pieces of the red carpet on E!, peak at the actual award show, and then look at reviews of the fashion online the next day. This year, though, I parked it on the couch and sat through the whole thing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There seemed to more of a buzz about it than in past years. Maybe that's just me getting older and actually appreciating it? Maybe it's just me finding any reason I can to avoid opening my backpack? Or maybe just the fact that I had seen more of the films than in past years making it more intriguing.

So, let's cut to the chase. First things first--fashion. We'll start with the worst and work our way up from there.


Oh Annie Banannie, you little hostest with the mostest (insert gag). She bugged. That cackle was out of control and I was about ready to go all Meryl Streep on the Devil Wears Prada little diva. She was just so all over the place. Wasn't feelin' it. But, the girl knows how to do a quick outfit/hair transformation.


Personally, out of her seven gown options (we're gonna exclude the tux get-up for obvious reasons), I wouldn't have chosen the lady in red look she strutted down the red carpet. Several ladies, like Jennifer Hudson, Sandra Bullock, and that random blondie, worked that look and it got a little repititious. I would've gone with the long-sleeve grey gown or the darker wine red dress.


Now onto you, Nicki. White again? Seriously? There's nothing terribly mistaken about this dress, but there's nothing terribly striking about it either. It's just fabric on hung on her body with some weird origami action. And if she thought the beading made her glamorous, well, it didn't. Blah. Bored.


Helena. This is Hell-In-A dress. No, just no. Not going to waste any of my time (or any more of yours) by further commenting on this one.


I'm pretty neutral about her dress (no color pun intended!), but Mandy, what the heck are you doing at the Academy Awards? Last time I checked, you peaked with this music video. And anybody that peaks with a song that sings "Like sugar to my heart, I'm cravin' for you. I'm missin' you like candy" and wears this...should never be at the Academy Awards.


Okay, I know it was for that Tangled song, but really Tangled? That movie was rough. I may just be biased because I was a little distracted by the fact that I was sitting in the bed of a truck with four other people in 30 degree weather while this definitely-not-aimed-for-teenage-audiences film.


Slap a slit on this bad boy and maybe a few feathers, and you're practically Dancing with the Stars ready, Penelope. Not your best.

Okay, now that I've nagged and revealed my bitter side, I think it's time to turn my frown upside down and show you who got it right. (And I know I came off a little strong, I'm really not that sassy, but that's what happens when you read too much of this. Hope it was mildly entertaining.)


Mila! Let me take this opportunity to say thank you! This lavender color looks impeccable with your skin tone. The draping is beautifully done and the lace accents are trés magnifique! Now, if you could give me back my body, I would really appreciate it. At least for Ixtapa anyway. Thanks girlie.


Now for another purple number that I applaud. This is my pick for best dressed. And it's not a surprise that it goes to style icon Cate Blanchett. She had a perfect balance of elegance without staying too safe, while also being modest. She stood out in the best way possible. The architecture and lines of the dress are so fresh and unlike anything you ever see. Props to Givenchy for actually having a vision with this dress. Although the coloring with the lime and lavender was unorthodox, I thought it was just lovely. And the back! Oh how I love a little surprise in the back!

More praise not on the fashion front:

Sandra Bullock knows how to do funny. I'd vote her for the host of the 84th Academy Awards. I was dying with every comment she made to the Best Actor nominees. Congrats to Colin and everybody in The King's Speech! I didn't see it but my parents gave it rave reviews. Though I still am a little partial to JT and my boys in The Social Network...

Is it weird that I'm slightly addicted to the instrumental music from this film? Guess that's why it won best score. "Hand Covers Bruise" is Lex and I's new jam.

A slight detour back to some bitterness:
Iyiyiy to Melissa Leo's foul language during her acceptance speech. Oprah get outta here! When I'm hurting, I go to the hospital or the refrigerator thank you very much. James Franco's cross dressing--too much.

Oh, but on a much much better note...Jude Law, you're still amazing. And I spotted a pic of him and Cameron Diaz gettin' rather chatty and giggly at the Vanity Fair after party. The Holiday come to life?! A girl can dream.

I had no intention of blabbing that much about a silly awards show. I do find it neat how so many people gather around their televisions for an appreciation of the arts. Like my dad said, "no matter how wacky Hollywood is sometimes, I still like watching this."

It's late, but good thing we have a noon late arrival! Alas, I have to get up even earlier than most days to go to the DPS with Lexi. Bundles of joy. At least I'll have a friend by my side.


Julianne said...

Mila's dress. Get in my closet.
Love the commentary, B! Agree with like...all of it? Haha

Anonymous said...

"random blondie" is talented Jennifer Lawrence who was nominated for best actress, and looked STUNNING in Calvin Klein Collection. My favorite look for Anne was indeed the custom tux. The sparkly pumps gave it that feminine edge. As for Cate in Givenchy, it's almost like heaven, isn't it? She looks elegant and like a true star.