One of my things to look forward on the list I made a few posts back was the FYL Retreat. Well, it has arrived! Tomorrow, 50 of us girl and guy senior leaders will board buses and head for a retreat with about 60 freshmen. I feel like I was just a little fish boarding the bus like it was yesterday. I remember being excited to hang out with all the seniors I looked up to slash my "girl crushes." We all had 'em.

It's weird to think that I'm now on the other side. I don't really feel worthy of it. Why would anybody look up to me or want to hear what I have to say? I guess I'll have to ignore those doubts and just do my best to make an impression on these freshmen these weekend. Even though we come back early on Sunday afternoon, the weekend is jam packed full of activities. Here's a look at what my experience was like as a freshman. Please please ignore how many effects are on these pictures. I was only a naive freshman, people. Cut me some slack.


This was after what they call a "crud war." It's basically a food fight outside with the nastiest concoction of dog food, chicken broth, peanut butter, ketchup, cereals, marshmallows, and all sorts of things that you don't want smothered all over your body. But here we are, in the freezing cold doused in it....I may just be an observer for this activity this year.

I made so many friendships on this retreat. I had never talked to Sterett before this trip and we came home the best of friends. Lexi--nice stunna shades. And Lauren--you would be hanging from the monkey bars. Ifly.

With Makenna, Emily, Hayley, and Meredith

Before the mess began

Mmm..flashback to the dirty blond freshman glory days. It seems like yesterday and like 8 years ago all at the same time. It'll be nice to get away. I'm in desperate need of an escape from the city--and a spiritual retreat sounds ideal. Oh, and did I mention my birthday is this Sunday? The big eighteen! I guess more on that later. Happy Valentine's weekend! ♥


Lana B said...

I'm surprised I'm not in any of these pictures considering how close we were back then.
Weird to think about how much has happened since those days...