For whatever reason, this year Valentine's Day has seemed like a bigger deal than ever before. I guess that's partially because it's on a school day this year. We had a carnations sent at school as part of a prom fundraiser which made the day a bit more festive. I sent a few myself. Some of my friends were even having the ever-so-classic Valentines exchanges in English class where you put a box on your desk and wait for all your secret admirers to put N*SYNC (or I guess maybe it's J Biebs these days) valentines from Walgreens in your bag. Along with a Hershey's Kiss or Kit Kat but of course. But, I got to have a celebration of knowledge with a test over Rime of the Ancient Mariner in my English class. I wasn't feelin' the love in there.

All in all, I like the holiday. I'm usually still in good spirits from my birthday the previous day (more on that later!), and what's not to like about a holiday to celebrate those you love. So to my mom and dad, my bros and sis's, other fam, and all my friends that make my world go round I love you so much and have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

xo. (we're bringing it back just for this post. it seems appropriate, don't ya think?)


Carolyn said...

love you too. homesick. :( eat a greasy baja burger at BH für mich.