You've Got Questions


I've got answers. Natalie asked for some recommendations of "my kind of music" so in lieu of texting her all of this, I'm going to blog it so you all can benefit from it. Here's what's on my current playlist.

Natalia Kills: "Zombie", "Activate My Heart", "Mirrors"
Starshell: "SuperLuva"
Sky Ferreira: "Obsession"
Sufjan Stevens: "Too Much"
The Fray: "Look After You"
Wolf Gang: "Lions in Cages"
Kaskade feat. Dragonette: "Fire In Your New Shoes"
Trent Dabbs: "Inside These Lines"
The xx: "Islands"
Stars: "Dead Hearts"

And my favorite that's been on repeat..."Come Around" by Rosi Golan

My friend Mackenzie posed a fashion question--the simple "where do you shop?" question. I was so flattered! And although I've probably mentioned a few of my frequent shopping destinations here and there, I've never really compiled a list. So here are my top five:
1) Zara
2) Forever 21
3) Urban Outfitters
4) H&M (only when I'm traveling, so come to Houston now!)
5) Nordstrom

{Zara is originally out of of Europe, so I think that's why I'm drawn to their innovative fresh style that's usually a bit more polished than some American stores that fill their inventories with too many flashy and gaudy pieces.}

{One of the many reasons I'll be NYC-bound in a few years. H&M get your act together and open a store in Houston or make online shopping available. I am oh so deprived without you.}

And as for online, I loved browsing through ASOS until my mom and I went through a major customer service problem with them. As for inspiration, I look all over the place from Polyvore to Emily to to whowhatwear to LookBook to the stacks of fashion magazines that sit on my bedside table.

So, now you know...ask and you shall receive!


Anonymous said...

Natalia Kills, so brilliant.

Carolyn said...

Ich liebe Zara.

Yvette said...

H&M will open a online store in the U.S.A soon!

Check out my blog and stay tuned to my daily updates!

melissa said...

What does Carolyn mean?

Molly said...

She loves Zara too!