{photos of our resort in Ixtapa}

By some miracle, I got through cheer tryouts, three quizzes, a test and seven labs today. That's about as rough as it gets. And the worst part of all was the smell of the beach that was getting stronger and stronger by the minute.

So now here I am, my room in shambles getting ready for my five day vaca in Mexico. It's the classic spring break Mexico trip they make movies about and I've heard about from all my siblings. I think I heard "make wise decisions" about a hundred times today at school; we even had an entire assembly about it. My Environmental Science teacher teaches freshmen and seniors. On the agenda, she posted "Have A Great Spring Break!" for the fishies; and for her elderly bunch all she wrote was "Don't Be Stupid." Thank you for thinking so highly of us.

Anyway, I've heard all the hooplah and yes, I'll be safe. Yes, I'm not a moron. Yes, I'll come back in one piece. No, I won't drink the water. Yes, I have an ample amount of like 80 SPF sunscreen (learned my lesson last spring break..) More importantly... I'm. So. Excited. Though some of my friends will be a few beaches away in Cabo, I still have some of my best friends joining me in Cabo--Julianne, Caroline, Tyler, and Lana to mention a few.

Julianne will be taking a detour to Phoenix tomorrow before she joins the rest of us in Mexico. Only you, S. And I love you for it.

Caroline's family will be my own for these next few days. We'll spend the days by the gorgeous pool and the nights dancing. It'll be real refreshing to trade in my textbooks for magazines by the pool, and my Rodeo cowboy boots for sandals covered in sand. So try not to cry yourself to sleep knowing that I won't be blogging for a solid five days or so. But rest assured there will be an influx of posts once I get back. 'Til then, adios!


Carolyn said...

Enjoy, enjoy! I'm jealous! That resort pic of the pool looks EXACTLY like ours in Cancun, oh THIRTEEN years ago. Dang, I am old. Kristen and I still laugh about our inside jokes on this trip, so make some good ones!

Lana said...

Aww Molls I got a mention!! I feel so honored :) SEE YOU IN MEXICO, BIA.