Keep Marching On


I think a "random blabbing" is way overdue, so here she is! I have yet to hear from the other five schools I applied to, and I'm getting freaking antsy over here. Not that it really matters because I am 99.6% sure I'm Texas bound, but I don't want to seal my fate just yet. Plus, I'm jealous of everyone getting all perked with their acceptance letters. Because of automatic admission, I really haven't had that rush of tearing open that envelope awaiting to see what it holds inside. I'll keep you posted since the results should be coming in shortly after April 1st.

I ordered this print for my room today. I recently revamped my room a little, adding a little more sophistication and little more me to it. My mom painted over the light yellow shade with a soothing grey while I was in New York, and I love it. It's much more calming. I've been longing to do a post on my little sanctuary, but haven't gotten around to it. Anyway, ever since the paint job the walls have looked a little bare so my first step in filling them will be with this modern piece. I like the simple typeface and graphics. There's nothing complicated about it; it says what it means and that's why I was drawn to it. Now the only question is whether it'll stay here in Houston or travel to Austin with me to inspire me to keep up with BOD.

{the headitors putting on a happy face at one of many late nights}

We're less than two weeks away from being completely finished with the yearbook. It's been a long but rewarding process. I can't give enough applause to Lana, Dani, and Claire who have put so much of their blood, sweat, and tears into this book, and I have loved working alongside them. They keep me grounded, always know how to make me laugh even in stressful situations, and I know we'll keep in touch in the years to come. I really think we're creating a wonderful product and I can't wait for everyone (especially the senior class) to enjoy it.

Speaking of MHS publications, the senior issue is finally in the works. The last issue of our school newspaper, The Anvil, traditionally honors the senior class with underclassmen advice, a list of everyone's college destinations, senior wills and the best part of all--the superlatives. The awards include classics like Most Attractive, Most Fashionable, Biggest Flirt, Most Likely to be President, and Most Likely to Make You Laugh. Then there's the more unique ones like Mr. and Mrs. Facebook, Memorial Mom and Dad, and Should Have Dated. Half the fun is just thinking about my own responses. The surveys were released today and it was the hot topic amongst the senior class.

I miss Gossip Girl. I need my weekly fix.

Current song on repeat: No Sleep -Wiz Khalifa

Our valedictory addresses are due on Friday. There's nineteen of us and only one is selected after we present them to a panel. I always told myself I wasn't going to write one; I just thought someone else should have the honor. I've had my spotlight with cheerleading and what not. Then, of course, the time came and I couldn't resist taking a whack at it. There's something that I love about reflective writing like that, looking back on these four years that have been so defining in our lives thus far, and getting all mushy about it. So, yes, I wrote one and we'll see what happens but regardless of the outcome, I enjoyed writing it and perhaps I'll share it with you all in the future.

I have a timed writing on Shakespeare's Richard III tomorrow...ROUGH.

{graduation party hosts}

I'm excited for an eventful weekend ahead of me. I'm taking off Friday at school for Round Up at Texas. Essentially, it's a weekend where every sorority and frat throws an event for their charity and the parties are back to back to back. I can't wait to transport myself to college life for a weekend and get a sneak peak into my life for the next four years. Then I get to come back to celebrate the past four years with all my friends at our first graduation party. There's a whopping 22 people throwing it, many of which are my good friends like Caro! So it'll be a weekend honoring what's to come and what we're leaving behind--lots to miss and lots to look forward to, but most importantly, lots to celebrate!


Lana B said...

Ah as usual, our moods line up without us even knowing it. Seconds before I snuggled into bed and opened up my laptop to read some BOD, I was writing a "random blabbing" myself (in my head that was about to be put into e-mail form!) filled with thoughts and cravings and updates.... much like this one. I hope you are having fun at Round Up; I hope I don't die from stress before the yearbook is finished; I hope you know how great you are!