Set Your World On Fire


The bad news: I didn't get into my other schools and/or got wait listed.
The good news: It makes my decision significantly simpler! I'm officially UT bound. And yes, I can see you rolling your eyes, thinking "duh, we already knew that!" It just seems more real than ever right now. I've paid the deposit and even found a roommate! Now all that's left is changing my education status on Facebook.

So, in honor of this big day, I'd like to rewind and look back at how I got here. Many a post ago I posted about the Plan II program at UT. After receiving feedback from my other schools, I realized what a competitive year it was for applying to college. Every university reported that it has an overwhelmingly large applicant pool--all of them their biggest in history. Though they may just being making a feeble attempt to console us students who just saw the word rejection flash before our eyes, I do think it's getting harder every year.

Anyway, it made me realize how fortunate I am to have Plan II right in my neighborhood and to have been accepted into this program. Sometimes I get lost in the idea of going to such a large school like UT, but then I'm sweetly reminded that I have a small community awaiting me within this large, diverse campus. I'm oh so perked!

I think the recipe for getting in is a little luck and maybe some creative juices. From my research I found that they put a significant emphasis on your writing and creative ability. I sent in two essays to UT--one being the Emily essay and another about my struggle with maturing too quickly.

For Plan II specifically, however, I had to submit a personal statement. And this was the very, very, very daunting question they asked.

Admissions essay prompts are designed to allow applicants to tell an admissions committee about themselves and to show how and why the applicant is a good fit for the school or program. First, we would like you to write a prompt, designed specifically for Plan II applicants, that accomplishes these tasks.

Then explain how this prompt would help Plan II identify individuals who understand the meaning of a Renaissance education for the 21st century. Also, explain how someone like yourself might employ such an education.

We are interested in seeing your creativity, your analytical ability, and what you might bring to Plan II. Your statement cannot exceed 250 words.

I know. Take that in for a second. After staring at my blank Word document for a while, I came up with this after several editing sessions.
PROMPT: Discuss how a piece of art, literature, music, or film has altered or colored your perspective of the world.

Within the items listed in this prompt lies paint on a canvas, words on a page, synthesized sounds, and images upon a screen. Students who exhibit the ability to recognize the greater meaning behind these ordinary matters are those who have the mind to grasp such complexity and the passion to want to understand it. This is the gift of critical thinkers: to transform fear and simplicity into enthusiasm and complexity.

My passion is in recognizing clothing as something far beyond tailored fabric. I aspire to be part of a fashion publication, and I believe the diversified study Plan II provides will enhance my creative thinking and writing abilities. In the future, I can draw on those moments of inspiration necessary in my career that will trace back to the cross-curricular ideas produced in my comprehensive studies.

Most majors gear a student for a specific study leading them on a predestined, narrow pathway. Plan II offers an education in the art of thinking and the tools to become passionate about learning itself, thus I can deviate from that linear pathway and explore the entirety of the world.

I want to set my world on fire. That is, to discover my passion and ignite that fire over my four years of study to make me a thinker, a writer, a learner, and ultimately, someone who finds meaning in everything I do.

And that is all she wrote. Hook 'em, y'all.


Lana B said...

:) That's my girl.

What a wonderful essay. Seriously, the best essay I've ever read.