Prince, Pauper, and The Dark Knight


Tennis matches, all-nighters at prom and long days have kept me away from my blog, but that's not the only thing that I've been suffering severe separation anxiety from. Gossip Girl returns next Monday (at last!) and this trailer released today made me more anxious than ever. There are five more episodes until the completion of season four, and yes, they're returning for a fifth. I'm so glad to see that Blair has officially stolen the show (literally) away from Serena. As much as I identify with the blondie, my heart has always been with Leighton. So, watch here as we see an epic love triangle unfold.

I'm surprising myself with how intrigued I've become with the dynamic between she and Dan. As for the prince, I love how he is bringing out the classic Blair that wears fancy ballgowns and dreams of her happily-ever-after royal fairy tale. It give me nostalgia for season one. But, truth be told, my fingers always have been and always will be crossed for Chuck and Blair--fate is fate, people.