Five Somethings


{the surprise unveiling of the 2011 Reata at the banquet}
Something rewarding.
Distributing the yearbooks. And receiving an amazing amount of praise.

Something surprising.
Josephine and Liz informed me today that tears of joy start in your left eye, while tears of sadness are born in your right. They asked me to test that theory since my eyes turn into waterworks at the slightest laughter. 'Tis true indeed.

Something heartbreaking.

Something nerve-wrecking but equally as exciting.
Giving two speeches tomorrow within several hours.

Something calming.
Skinny Love by OfficialBirdy
Courtesy of Lana. I love the piano in it. The artist is only fourteen and still has braces.

Short and sweet for tonight!


mary said...

I do like your blog :)
I'm following you!