I check my email regularly and usually find my inbox flooded with emails from online shops, my mom interrogating me about the natural disaster that seems to have gone straight through my bedroom, the occasional update from Carolyn, and more than anything else--junk. But, Saturday night I was extremely surprised with an email from myself--my 14-year-old self, that is. I vaguely recall writing this time capsule email to myself during the summer preceding freshman year. I had the site sent it to me right as I would be graduating high school, and this email reminded me just how crazy it is that that occasion has dawned on me. We're three weeks away, and you'll see here how much has changed, and of course the tiny details that have remained just the same.

Dear Future Version of Me,
today, i was on bored.com and decided to do this time caplsule thing. i am going to be a freshman at memorial this upcoming school year. it is 2007 right now. i got a facebook like 2 days ago and i am on it all the time. i am doing track freshman year, but i really wanna be a cheerleader! that's my dream to be a memorial cheerleader now that i quit gymnastics.
i am best friends with makenna van liew and amy fry right now, but i wonder who i'll be friends with now. makenna and amy are at a movie with some ingoing 8th grader at memorial middle named mitchell buchanan. i will be taking all honors calsses next year. i got back from beach retreat like 4 days ago. i had a ton of fun and got to know mollie williams really well! we became so close. cj swift is leaving for connecticut next month, but everyone else is pretty much going to memorial. i know i will read this and be like omg. cj swift i haven't thought about that kid in ages. my sister amy has 2 kids. ana and ceci. erin and jason are still living in austin just working.
carolyn is going out with arturo valentin. andy is in college station and is going to be a junior at a&m. jimmy is single and working. ty is still the cutest thing ever. chris is dating with lindsay crossin. fox news is on right now. and i am sitting on the couch in the den. the iPhone is coming out on june 29th and i want it sooo bad. i shop at xxi francescas soho ettcccc. i love to go shopping. i am going to california with makenna in a week! i am excited. i am iming meredith right now while she is at newks with maddie fogel natalie mcanince lexi fink nicole jacobs and some otherrrrs.
i guess that is all i can say
this should be very interesting by 2011
i am a freaking SENIOR.
and i am graduating SOOOOOON
i hope i made good grades these past 4 years.

where am i going to college?

well.....this is my life as of TUESDAY

see you in 4 yearrrrsss.
molly bridget mcconn!

My Current Comments:
-Why did I spend my spare time browsing bored.com? Getting a driver's license really is a rite of passage.
-Track? What a joke! I dropped out after two weeks once I heard we had to run distances longer than a mile. Sayonara.
-Sadly, the facebook has not become any less popular in my daily life. Must work on that...
-Yes, I do now realize the correct term is "incoming" and not "ingoing." Embarrassing.
-I was right--haven't thought about CJ in years.
-Mollie, I hope you especially got a kick out of this!
-Weird to see that this was pre-Sam and before the permanent additions of Art and Lindsay to the family.
-Fox News is still always on. Some things never change.
-I've been the proud owner of an iPhone for quite some time now, but I still recall the excitement when it was first released.
-My shopping destinations have changed somewhat, but I still stay loyal to my Forever. Once a shopaholic, always a shopaholic.
-Natalie, I sincerely apologize for completely butchering your last name.
-It makes me cringe to see how I use to use multiple letters. That trend lasted during my tween/early teen years amongst the girls. Thank goooodddnneeesss that has faded. And clearly it was too much effort for me to use the shift key to capitalize my I's and first letters of sentences. Must have had a busy agenda after my daily visit to bored.com.

I told Mary Caroline and Caroline about this email this morning and they could barely believe it! I promised this post, so here you have it girls! We decided to do the same thing for four years down the road when we'll be almost-grads from Texas (well, that's the plan anyhow!). And since we went to have tea this morning, we decided that wherever we are four years down the road, we're going to go have tea that day together.

On a less exciting note, APs start tomorrow for the next two weeks, and with my luck, I have the very first one. The APES AP is at 8AM! And finally, happy birthday, mom! (Yes, my mom and dad are a mere six days apart!) For all the dropped off lunches and forgotten homeworks, for all the delicious homecooked meals and the daily doses of love that got me through good days and bad, love you so very much.


Mollie Williams said...

Love it!! Mary sent me the site. I am doing it too!

Juj said...

first of all: Happy Belated Mama McConn!!!

second of all: ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyy goshhhhhhhh this is priceless. Can't wait to see what I will think of mine when it comes in 4 years!

Lana said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just died. I love you. This you. And definitely that you. See you at the AP tomorraw morn', sucka