My Cup of Tea


I mentioned this tea outing in my Flashback post. And by the way, I'm glad that post provided many of you endless amounts of entertainment. So, now that over half of my APs are out of my hair, I can finally get back to blogging. After a Saturday spent at the lake for a group of boys' graduation party with BBQ, foam, and slip'n'slides, it was nice to start my Sunday with a more ladylike party. Julianne hosted a tea in honor of her graduation and invited her closest friends to join her at this time-honored tradition at the St. Regis Hotel. We had a traditional menu of petite fours, tea sandwiches, and what's known as the best scones in the city paired with the light and delicious Devonshire cream. And of course, they served us two different blends of tea which were both spectacular even for us non-hot tea drinkers. It was so fitting for the recent Royal Wedding, which I will have you know I stayed up all night to watch live. I actually had no intention of doing so and was kind of aloof about the whole event until that night when I was having a spell of insomnia and decided to pull an all-nighter to be a part of this historical event. I'm sure that it's been over-talked about or you just don't care in the slightest, but I think my sister recapped it perfectly, so look at her post here. I think the dress she changed into for the reception is absolutely to die for. Okay, enough talk about princesses and are the few photos I got from the morning celebration.

Me and the grad girl! I've been anxiously awaiting to showcase this dress at this event since Christmas break. It's from the Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Line and is undoubtedly one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I'll even let you in on a little secret--I have it on backwards.

MC/Mary Caroline. She's debating which name to go by in college. My vote's all for MC even though I'm going to keep calling you that regardless!

Here's the whole group--Caroline, MC, Connie, Brooke, Maddie, Julianne, Kelli, Amy, Kirby, and moi. Missing from the photo is darling juniors Rachel and Mason.

And yes, this tea had a much better ending than our NYC Plaza experience! Following that, we had celebrated my mom's birthday with siblings in and out of the house and a dinner later at Ruggle's Green. And since 'tis the season for crawfish, I went to my first of many at Tyler's with some friends. Somehow, I studied for APES that day. Looking back, it's beyond me how that happened. Have a lovely Mother's Day weekend!