Summer Shock


I experienced my first dose of summer boredom this afternoon. I can finally see the surface of our refrigerator now that all the grad party invitations have come down. I don't have to find excuses to avoid doing minimal homework. All I have to do is embrace these final months of freedom, sleeping in a queen-size bed, and having free home-cooked meals.

I had to say my first goodbye this morning as Mary Caroline left for Camp Mystic. Caroline will be leaving for Africa later this week and Lexi will be in Italia before I know it.

Thankfully I have a job in June to keep me busy. My first day of my my internship at Dancie Periugini Ware Public Relations is tomorrow, but when I'm not there, here's a few things on my summer to-do list:
-Read. Magazines, blogs, and books.
-Watch those movies that I always say "I've been meaning to watch that for forever."
-Work out daily.
-Eat healthier.
-Finally finish this graduation gift process.
-Finish writing thank you notes.
-Bake and learn how to cook simple dishes for college.
-Put my new camera to good use.
-Explore more of Houston before I make my new home in Austin.
-Travel to Austin to visit my roommate Mary Elizabeth (more on her later!)
-Shop for rush.
-Discover new music.
-Give all those TV series that my friends are obsessed with (Modern Family, Vampire Diaries, etc.) a try.
-Make the finishing touches on renovating my room.
-Coordinate dorm room decor with my roommates.
-Give my blog a fresh look.

Perhaps a little ambitious, but unless I get some babysitting gigs soon (cross your fingers), I'm gonna be swimming in time come July. Wish me luck!