We'll Always Bleed Red


It's a big day in Memorial High School history. The class of 2011 is finally taking our official exit. And in sports news, the baseball team advanced to the fifth round of playoffs defeating Clements after claiming victory in the final two games of a three-game series. Though I am a mere five hours from being a Memorial graduate, I couldn't be more proud to be a mustang.

My cap and gown is ready for wearing. My hair is freshly dried. My grandparents just arrived. Chris and Lindsay's house is ready for all the family visitors. And most importantly, the food is being prepared.

It's finally here. Congrats to all graduates of 2011! And thank you Ben Carl, Wayne Taylor, and the rest of the MHS baseball team for putting even bigger smiles on all our faces as we walk across the stage tonight. It's been a wild ride, 'stangs.