Our Story Matters


{The editors of the 2010-2011 Reata}

There are two things that define my high school career other than that whole education, studying, school thing: cheerleading and being on the yearbook staff. While contributing to both (especially in my senior year) was quite a balancing act, I wouldn't trade either experience for anything.

And as high school comes to an end, so does my role as cheerleader and my time spent yearbooking. Today, I'd like to focus on the recent Reata events. On the past two back-to-back Wednesdays, we've had two very special banquets to celebrate putting together the 533 page book.

Last Wednesday, we had our full staff banquet where we received awards, celebrated with our parents, and many of us seniors were nearly put to tears (myself included) as Ms. Hartman read us a sentimental letter that reminded us that "our story matters." And very conveniently, our yearbooks came in that afternoon only hours before the banquet--an unusual circumstance, so Ms. Hartman surprised us by passing them out that night. We weren't expecting to see the unveiling until the final week of school, so this took us back quite a bit. And in so many words, she's a beaut. I'll show off all her glory that Lana, Claire, Dani, and I created along with the rest of the rockstar staff after it's distributed to the school...must be kept top secret 'til then! There lies the only catch with staffers getting our books ahead of time--stashing them in our backpacks and hiding them in our rooms so curious kiddos don't take a peak. That's half the fun for us...seeing the reactions of anticipating students (especially seniors, cause let's be honest half of the book is devoted to your precious ads!).

Here's Macy receiving her award for Most Talkative Staff Member. Ironically, she managed to be chosen as next year's sole Editor-in-Chief despite being her chatty self! I'm only kidding, Mace. You're so talented and will without a doubt create an incredible book, with the help of Ms. Hartman's cold goldfish stash but of course. I was very honored to receive the award of Most Likely to Work for a Magazine or Newspaper. Even though it's likely I'm the only one that actually wants to pursue that career, I was still pleased and hope I don't disappoint!

My favorite yb gals. I couldn't be happier to be spending the next four years with Lana and Claire at UT. And thank goodness Dani will only be hours away at College Station, but don't think for a second I'm going into your section at the UT A&M football game.

This week, there was an editor dinner that was more low key, but very intimate and equally as fun. Afterwards, Ms. Hartman and our graphic designer, Stephen Williams, treated Lana, Claire, Dani and I to yogurt. I got nostalgic for all of our fun times in New York like...almost losing Dani's camera, me and Dani's duets, whipping the druggies into shape across the hallway, the bus ride to the airport, the carrot cake and other delightful dining experiences, and interacting with the poet man in the NBC store just to name a few. And of course all of the memories we shared in this year's and last year's 3rd period class.

The Common App asks applicants to briefly discuss a school activity that made an impact on your life. Here's a snippet of what I wrote about being on the yearbook staff:

Room R-206 is where I thrive; it has become my personal refuge from daily stresses. I came in this room as a reserved reporter who was merely following in her sisters' footsteps and filling a class period slot. I now leave a redefined editor who discovered my passion in the work I do in that 150-square-foot room. The doorway to R-206 leads to a creative outlet for me in which my individuality is unveiled. In my cheerleading uniform, I'm one of eleven. In the yearbook room, I'm just me. It created the passageway to the doors of opportunity ahead as I plan to make all the years spent inside this room matter outside of it.

It's been grand, ladies and gent (that's for you, Eric!)


Lana said...

:) I love you. And every NY memory you mentioned.

Go Reata.

Danika (Dani) Ostrowski said...

Now I'm sad it's over! I just read this and can't believe yearbook is no more...

but i will enjoy the free time :)