Change of Plans


Surprise, surprise. I'm home early. I don't think my orientation experience could have been any more chaotic. After a rushed Father's Day, I grabbed whatever was in plain viewing sight, stuffed it in a suitcase, and hit I-10 without looking back. The drive was smooth and easy and I was greeted by Mary Caroline just in time to make it to Father's Day dinner with her family, which turned out to be one of the best meals I've had in my eighteen years of life at Uchi.

{this short rib dish looks similar to one of our dishes we were served at Chef Tyson Cole's highly acclaimed restaurant Uchi}

MC's food-conoisseur of a cousin ordered on behalf of the table and soon after close to nine dishes were serves to us one at a time, each having their own special twists and unique flavor combinations. Some were cold sashimi while there were also hot meat varieties, like the raw Kobe beef slices served with a hot Japanese river rock to grill at the table. All of it was so tender it melted in your mouth. Mary Caroline was a brave soul and ate a fish eye from the yellowtail we were served whole. If you're hungry for more details, or just simply hungry, I've compiled a list of a few of the dishes I remember having:

hama chili yellow tail sashimi with ponzu, sliced thai chilis and orange supremes

hot rock “sear it your self” wagyu beef with ponzu sauce on a japanese river rock

hamachi nabe baby yellow tail sashimi with crispy koshi hikari rice, ringger farm egg and sweet soy broth
bacon steakie niman ranch pork belly water­melon radish, seasonal citrus, and thai basil
uchiviche salmon, striped bass, vine-ripened toma toes, yellow bell peppers, garlic and cilantro

I met my roommate for the week when we got back and we got along great, but we all decided to call it a night fairly early in preparation for our first long day. Little did I know mine would be cut short.

We headed to campus at about 8 am, got our UT IDs and then went to check in. The line extended for what seemed like miles. We visited with our fellow future classmates to pass the time (nearly two hours) and make waiting in the heat somewhat bearable until finally we made it to the front. My name, however, was not on the master list. Thinking nothing of it, I was sent to the help center where I was told they had me down for next week's orientation. I was surprised and confused, but at the same time thought this was an easily fixable problem seeing that clearly I was here now and ready to go. Not the case. After a solid effort, pleas and near begging, and several phone calls, I was forced to make my way back to Hardin, pack my bags and head home. I said my goodbyes to my friends, new and old, and told Hardin I'd be back in a week. My mom was in town for unrelated reasons so we made use of our time by checking out my room for next year, visiting my sister's office (which was very mod and cool), dilly dallying in Whole Foods, and having a slumbie party at the Modgies house with our favorite fireman Sam.

So, not a totally lost cause. In fact, not at all. After many trips that Erin and Jas make to Houston, it was about time I pay my dues and come see them in Austin. I was lucky enough to see MC during her camp session and now I certainly know exactly what to expect when I prep for next week's session. You live and ya learn. I'm sure I'll be laughing about this soon. Soon being junior year.