So Reddy


I suppose the appropriate post to follow my one on graduation would divulge a little information on my college plans for next year. So here are the little tid bits of facts I know for now. I'll be attending UT to double major in both Communications (with a focus in journalism) and a liberal arts degree with Plan II (which I've elaborated on here and here).

{an old picture of a room in Red Annex}

I'll be living at Hardin House, a private dorm that's been around for years. We recently got our room assignments and I'll be living in the Red Annex. It's a part of and right across the pool from the Red House, which was the original Hardin House before they added on in later years.

{a look at our floorplan. we're in 2a. and yes, you saw that right--we each have our own walk-in closet. not too shabby if i do say so myself!}

I found my precious roommate, Mary Elizabeth, through several mutual friends. I decided it was fate that we be roommates after I had multiple people tell me how perfect we would be for each other. Caroline's cousin insisted we roomed and had only the best things to say about her. Then, I saw that she went to camp with my good friend Taylor who raved about her equally. And for a cherry on top, her old Young Life leader now lives in Houston and does Ozone ministries with a lot of my friends and she also was crazy about Miss Mary Elizabeth. And from all my facebook stalking, I could tell she was going to be an absolute delight! And now after lots of novel long text exchanges, I'm convinced we're going to be the best of friends. It's crazy to think we haven't actually met in real life and have only spoken on the phone once, but I plan on making several trips to Austin this summer and my home is open for her as well. There's another perk--Austin is her hometown, so she'll be able to show me the ropes as well as provide me with a home whenever I need some quiet time or just familial surroundings. So Taylor fam, hope you're ready to adopt a McConn temporarily!

{my roomie is on the far right proudly hooking 'em with her fellow Austin High longhorns. she's probably going to de-roommate me now that she sees how creepy i am for putting pics of her on my blog! oh well! a risk i'm willing to take!}

And in Annex, all the rooms are triples so we snagged us another girl named Kelsey who looks so sweet also. My suite mates also worked out perfectly. One is also in Plan II, one is from Kinkaid and we've already had a fantastic lunch date, and the other is from Episcopal and I hope to meet her soon. And low and behold, my good friends Haley and Jaclyn are right next door! And all my MHS girls are close by mostly in the Red House and Main House. It's going to be one big slumber party every night and I can barely wait to get up there. But first things first--dorm decor!