Workin' Woman


My second week of work is almost complete. I wanted to test my new waters for awhile before reporting back to you all. And the verdict? I really like it. From the moment I stepped out of the elevator and saw the modern office with splashes of vibrant color, I knew the environment would be very different from my past summers at the law firm.

The office is a team of fifteen or so girls (with the exception of one brave boy intern this summer) who have all been very warm and welcoming. I knew close to nothing about public relations before signing on to this job, but every day I learn something new and I find it really interesting. Though I may not want to make a career out of PR in the future, it certainly has taught me a lot of skills that will help shape whatever my career path may be. S

Simple things like braving making phone calls to strangers, running errands as quickly as possible, making media lists, finally learning my way around downtown Houston (my friends and I used to just run in circles 'til we stumbled upon a freeway pretty much), getting used to being in heels for more than five hours at a time, or getting tid bits of wisdom from all the fellow employees. I've been fortunate enough to meet with several UT grads and even another intern who will be studying Fashion Marketing at Parsons in the fall.

The most beneficial thing, though, is probably just having something to do every day, something to actually get dressed for and start my day. And my hours are perfect because they allow me to sleep in and escape the Houston heat during its prime. So thanks, Ashley, for giving me this gig! It's been a great experience and I look forward to the several weeks ahead of me at DPW PR.
{and no, i did not creepily come in after hours to snap these pictures. i did, however, creepily steal them from a computer on my first day and email the files to myself}


Anonymous said...

great post. just curious, what are your hours?

Danika (Dani) Ostrowski said...

Molly! This is so neat! Looks like such a cool place to work! I miss you!

juj said...

yeah, what are your hours molly?

Carolyn said...

glad you are liking it! snazzy office.