August Rush


August! A month equally filled with excitement and dread. But the end of a transition summer like this one is always even more emotion-packed. After spending this weekend in Austin, I've decided I'm 96% excited with just a dash of nerves. I stayed with ME (one of my roommates) and got the pleasure of finally meeting her family. Meeting new friends was a general theme of the weekend, but I also got to spend quality time with some familiar high school faces before we all part ways. And on that note, I've been going through my high school pictures selecting which ones are worthy of framing for my dorm. So, here's a quick trip down memory lane and a sneak peek at some of the for-sure framers.


mary said...

Wow Molly (or should I call you Bridget?), here I am again!
Lovely pictures as always, all beautiful people :)
And you're a lucky girl, here in my country the summer seems to not want to appear... The wheater is not that good!