It's The Little Things


After a week full of fancy restaurants, the absence of my favorite pillow, and days chocked full of activity, I always seem to come home remembering that life at home is full of simple pleasures. So, before I do my finale NY post, here's a few of the little things making me happy this weekend. The first of which is springing for the waffle cone in lieu of the typical styrofoam cup during my ice cream date with Moll.

This catchy tune during my current dry spell of good music finds

I'll forever love a white house with shutters, a long porch with a swinging bench and a red door, but I could definitely go for this super sassy hot pink one too.

The satisfying feeling of crossing multiple things off my seemingly never-ending to-do list with my college errand filled Saturday

And getting in touch with my camper friends for the first time in days as Caroline came in town for the night and Julianne got her phone for 24 hours. Miss you both terribly! Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday.