Raising the Bar


Before I forget, I've been meaning to post on my latest baking experiment. After a failed attempt at blueberry cobbler (the grocery store claimed blueberries were out of season), my mom and I resorted to a chocolate turtle bar recipe she had cut off from the Chronicle years ago. They could have done without listing the nutritional info; supposedly each bar contains 500+ calories. But I can assure you that each buttery, brown-sugary bite is worth it. A recipe similar to what we followed can be found here.

The recipe is quite easy to follow. A simple crust followed by a layer of melted brown sugar and butter, top it with pecan halves and melt a layer of dark chocolate chips over it. Freeze the bars and your not-so-100-calorie bar snacks are ready to serve.

Much to my dismay, half the tray of bars were still in the fridge when I returned from my trip. So much for my post-vacation sweets detox!


Amy said...

um, why wasn't i informed these were available? :)