Test Run


The boarding pass is printed, the suitcase is filled to the brim and a brief night's sleep is all that lies between me and my week-long stay in New York City. It's sort of odd revisiting the same place for a vacation. The last time I went, my excitement built up from the novelty of seeing the city with piles of snow on the cement sidewalks and the residue of holiday cheer still remaining. The time before that, I had a special purpose--to see the city through a journalist's eye. Needless to say, it was a necessary and well-deserved detox from the notoriously difficult junior year. And then there was my first visit, and the excitement in that is self explanatory. But, this trip is different. I kind of see it as the real test to see whether I'm really cut out for this city. No familiar passenger will be beside me on the plane. I'm staying with my cousin, providing me a taste of the micro-sized living spaces with mega-sized price tags rather than the luxury of hotel amenities. To be perfectly honest, it's a little unsettling. I'm scared that it'll lose its luster, its appeal that made me decide to make it the setting of my future for at least a few years. But, if anything this test round will be extremely beneficial in that way also. Now to the fun stuff now that I'm off of my deep thought vent session. In the current itinerary, we've quite a few things to do. Here's just a few.

-Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and get pizza at Grimaldi's

-See Phantom of the Opera

-Living a summer day in the life of a native New Yorker by taking a midweek trip to the Hamptons

-Visit Rice to Riches (rice pudding stop) or Levain Bakery for their famous cookies

Now, now, before I ruin all the surprises, I better be getting some shut eye. I've got a flight to catch in the morning.


Mollie Williams said...

Make sure to get some rice pudding on your last night!