Fancy Friday


In high school (weird to say that in the past tense), a group of gentlemen deemed Fridays as the day to don your formal wear to class. Fancy Friday they called it. Though the tradition never really caught on campus wide, I like the idea of preparing oneself for the weekend by thinking and dressing fancifully. So, in going with this theme, here are a few practical ways to make your weekly two day vacation a little more glamorous.
Wearing your most glamorous dress...even if you're ordering Chinese takeout and snagging a movie from the RedBox while grabbing a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Make it a girlfriend affair so that everyone can find a reason to wear that dress they swore they'd wear again (to rationalize the price tag) but never actually did.

And for daytime, dress up your favorite comfy t-shirt with a flowy skirt, bold prints or your most darling piece of costume jewelry.

Make the simple task of reading even more enjoyable by purchasing these classics (many titles by the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen, Middlemarch, Alice in Wonderland, etc) in these beautifully bound hardback editions. Plus, they're much more attractive on your shelf than that ragged copy of Great Expectations copyrighted in 1964 you read (or more likely skimmed) in the tenth grade.

Make your furniture festive with sparkly details.

And if none of these techniques will do it for ya, go see Crazy, Stupid, Love and pretend that you're Emma Stone and therefore dating Ryan Gosling. It will remind you of one of the many reasons you loved The Notebook all over again. Not to mention, it's not half bad of a film, throwing in a fun twist that took me by complete surprise, which is a rarity in most movies these days.

Or invent your own way to doctor up what could otherwise end up being just another weekend. Whatever suits your fancy! Pun most definitely intended.


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