Farewell to Friends, Food & Family


A revamp of my blog design has got my attention these past few days. I've decided a face lift was in order for BOD for her entrance into college years--a little more sophistication now that she's been in operation for a little over two years now! So don't adjust your url in the next couple of weeks when you notice a new look.

{a less than stunning quality picture, i know, but it's all i have to offer!}
I had other things occupying my time as well, though. I tried out a couple of new restaurants: Zelko Bistro and Dolce Vita. Mollie and I thought our Dolce dinner of arugula pizza, pumpkin goat cheese crochete, caprese salad and the assortment of gelatos for dessert were A plus. And at Zelko Bistro, my parents, brother and I found ourselves in the midst of White Linen Night. In its second year here in Houston, the evening is essentially a nighttime festival with fashion shows, food trucks, and concerts all tucked away in the Heights neighborhood. And yes, everybody wears white lenin. Our meal there was delicious as well, but if you plan on making a visit soon, be prepared for a lengthy wait for this small bistro. Once you get a table, you'll find a menu full of American comfort food--fried pickles, meatloaf, shrimp and grits, and their famous captain crunch fried chicken with waffles.

And last night, my oldest brother had me over for a sort of sibling send-off to school. He served up Asian chicken three ways: sweet and spicy wings, a warm peanut mushroom rice soup, and a minced chicken satay with veggies and sticky rice.

I'm trying to cherish these fine dining experiences before I encounter such dilemmas next year such as not waking up before nine for breakfast, my jam packed Tues/Thurs class schedule that doesn't allow time for a lunch break, and adjusting to a very early dinner hour. And speaking of things I'll miss, my friend Liz headed off to school this weekend. It was odd seeing a packed U-Haul in her driveway ready for Athens, Georgia. Though many of my friends will be right down the hall from me next year, for those that aren't, I can assure you my Skype account will be more active than ever.


mary said...

I'm sure the new design will be great!
And Dolce Vita is the name of a mall over here in Portugal!