If You Think You're Special


On the radio this morning, I heard that, on average, most people don't crack a smile until 11:15 on a Monday morning. In awe of this sad truth, I've decided to share the things that made me smile today.
{image c/o atlantic-pacific}
This photo was the subject of an email exchange between the four ladies in my family. Carolyn decided that this DVF number needed a place in her wardrobe, despite the fact that she didn't have any place to wear it. All the sisters and our mom were in agreement, though a little sister banter is almost just as fun as purchasing something as glamorous as this wrap dress modeled by the ever-so-fabulous Bee.

Theophilus London ft. Sara Quin - Why Even Try (RAC Mix) by RAC
I've always loved boy/girl duet harmonies, and this is the newest melody of that genre added to my collection.

And a simple little truth that makes me smirk and nod in approval. It reminds of a dialogue my friend and I shared with a couple of boys on our way to the lake:
girls: are we getting food?
boys: i mean we could stop.
girls: oh, i mean, if we have time.
boys: so y'all don't care?

OF COURSE WE CARE. Asking in the first place is code for my stomach is currently eating itself and if you don't stop in the next 300 seconds, none of us will be happy. :)
The above should allow boys around the world to be one step closer to deciphering girl code.

So there you have the three little things that cured my case of the Monday blues.


mary said...

Ahhh, a smile is always worth it, right? :)