Impeccable Timing


Timing really is everything, and college has come with impeccable timing. Houston and I have had a lovely eighteen years together, but a change of pace is certainly in order. When I drive down Echo Lane, MHS doesn't feel like home anymore when I see the new football team practically melt in the sun and the faces just aren't all that familiar anymore. And the Memorial bubble is becoming emptier every day as friends leave one by one heading in each and every direction for the next stage of their lives. And I'm next in line.

As a tribute to my past two years spent blogging, I thought it was only appropriate that my final post from my Houston hub be a little bit of all my favorite things to blog about...good eats, music and fashion.

These brownies made of ooey gooey deliciousness (Barefoot knows best when it comes to brownies) will be making the trip to Austin as a treat for Erin, Jason and Sam who are lending a hand in the move-in process.

A new favorite song to make the road trip pass a little quicker.

And my new cozy denim tee. After an extensive search for the perfect style, cut, and wash, it's not much of a surprise that J. Crew fit all of my qualifications.

As for BOD, the timing is also perfect. I find myself with not much else to say here. But I have no doubts that the onset of my college days will quickly change that. That's a recent FAQ I get: "will you continue to blog in college?" But of course! This is when all the fun begins anyway, right? So here's to the end of one era and the start of another. Hook 'em!


jaclyn @ thelateafternoon said...

have a great time in college and enjoy every minute! its some of the best years!!

Lana B said...

I'm ecstatic that we get to dive through this adventure together.

Hook 'em :)