Pack Rat


I wish this list was an indication of how organized I am at all times. I will say, though, that my mom and I have made a fairly impressive tag team in tackling this last over the past few weeks. My dad has lent a helping hand in the process as well. And friends come in handy as well, as we all seem to be circulating personalized check lists and sharing ideas--especially those of us attending the same school. So here's what's coming with me...

Just a small portion of my collection of personalized graduation gifts I was given at the end of senior year. Everything from makeup bags and mugs to trash tins and caps. Here was my choice of gift; I couldn't resist sharing the lucid love.

The necessities. For stores like Target, The Container Store, and Bed Bath & Beyond, this is practically their Christmas season. In this mess, you'll find things like bed stackers, hangers, toiletries, towels (one of my favorite purchases) and organizational items.

Here's the bedding all packed up, but you get the general idea. A full revealing will be here in the coming weeks when Red 2A is fully furnished.

And the final piece to the puzzle--clothes. This is probably the most complicated decision process, and for that reason, the last endeavor I plan to take on. Wish me luck!


mary said...

Good luck! ;)
I wish i was as organized as you... ahah .
Hope everything's doing great :)