Hello, Hello, Anybody Out There?


A long, tiresome week and some unexpected circumstances led me to stay in Austin for the weekend. Here's some of the things that helped me get through the late nights and early mornings.

{top: Kate, Peyton, Elizabeth. bottom: Julie, me, Jenna}
A luau-themed Monday mixer with Fiji with all one my roomies for next year but one.

Jules has been trying to get me fixed on The Vampire Diaries, and I've managed to resist the temptation up until now. My change of heart emerged from my recent addiction to this Jason Walker song, "Echo'", which I found from a site that compiles music from Vamp Diaries.

In other TV news, the premiere of Gossip Girl supplied plenty of laughter to release some of my academic anxiety. Chuck's new wise man persona is both ridiculous and hilarious, the Los Angeles scenery was a refreshing change of pace and brought me back to the days of The OC, and the styling was as flawless as ever.

My friends are cursing me with more web surfing distractions. I've found two fellow blogger girls in my bio class. Willa (also a Kappa) can be found at Patient Practice and Megan at The Bridged. Julianne and Kelsey have joined Pinterest, which may or may not be the best invention since sliced bread. Or at least since Facebook. I now officially have a case of pinsomnia--the inability to shut your computer and go to sleep because you are addicted to the "see more pins" button.

I find myself taking on a different persona once the clock strikes one or two in the morning. Crazy ideas seem like good ones, the impossible becomes possible, and my mind goes off in all sorts of directions. While this serves me well for blogging purposes, sometimes I make commitments that would never happen in daylight. I caught myself doing this when I promised Kelsey I'd go to hot yoga with her. After class the following day, I was baffled as to what on earth I was thinking vowing I'd willingly go melt in a 106 degree studio when it was already 105 outside. But, a promise is a promise, and I am so happy I did it. I'm even considering becoming a weekly regular at Pure.

To reward myself for squeezing in a few workouts this week, I indulged in one of Austin's claims to fame in the food department: Salt Lick BBQ. Though it's not a hop and a skip from Hardin House in the slightest, the mini road trip is well worth it for the good ole Texan atmosphere and to-die-for barbecue. And now, I'm going to grant myself the ultimate reward after a long week: going to sleep without setting an alarm clock, finally allowing myself a well deserved Saturday of sleeping in with no agenda awaiting me.

The Food Network


{After hearing rave reviews, I finally gave Odwalla juice a try. I'll also admit that I couldn't resist buying something flavored "Mo' Beta." It's the perfect on-the-go breakfast for when you wake up for your 9am at 8:54am}
This weekend I'll be making my first trip home since I've become an Austinite. It's been 38 days since I've slept in my bed, strolled through my dimly lit street to take my dog on his nightly walk with my 'rents, and enjoyed the luxury of home cooked meals from mama. While Hardin makes an admirable effort to provide "homey" food, nothing can ever replicate the meals you grew up on for eighteen years.

Merl, Kels and I fare pretty well here with the help of our favorite gourmet grocery store, Whole Foods. Conveniently located within a five-minute driving distance from Hardin, I swear Whole Foods makes half of its annual profit from UT students grabbing a quick lunch or stocking up their dorm room mini-fridges with delectable delights. They have it all: sushi, yogurt parfaits, an endless assortment of breads and all kinds of imported chocolate bars. In just several weeks, the three of us have established a pretty routine weekly list, which includes the following:

{the popular mix-ins of choice: sugar-infused dried cranberries, crunchy banana chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips and walnuts}
Our own individual trail mixes with the mix-ins of our choosing. This bar, along with the salad bar, can entertain you for quite some time.

Our market trips are never complete without a stroll through the produce department. Research indicates that college weight gain doesn't come from eating late at night; rather it's the fact that these midnight munchies usually consist of fried wings (um Pluckers, anyone?}, chips and queso (Mag Mud dip?!) and other calorie-packed snacks. We're hoping 4am apples won't get us to the freshman fifteen quite as quickly.

And when berries just won't do, we always have some protein on hand. Whenever a meal is missed for one reason or another, it's nice to have substitutes on stock like cheese and crackers or some classic mac.

Okay, so we're not totally health nuts. Believe me. These Carmelita Bars were offered as samples and since we were lingering around the sample jar for a good ten minutes (each of us grabbed three), we decided we better bring some home. Yes, we're those people--the sampler suckers. These bad boys disappeared in about a day.

And our final staples include crackers, hummus, and sonoma chicken salad. I can barely wait to bring back some of my favorite treats from home to share with them like fresh orzo salad, the French House's chicken salad, and some sort of yummy baked good. It's 2am...time for one of those healthy midnight munchies!

Purfect Surprise


{the culprits behind the catnapping crime}
It's easy to get stir-crazy in this 288-square-foot dorm room. In 2A, we've discovered that late night outings never fail to help us regain energy when RedBull or a cup of jo just won't do the trick. Our history of outings to date include pig out fests at Magnolia's, dips into the pool, ridiculous dance parties, and now the oddest of them all--catnapping.

{kelsey, mary elizabeth and i with merl's cat lola}

{our suitemate Madison and Julianne helped with our mission}
M.E. is practically a premature cat woman, so I thought it would be a pleasant surprise as well as an exhilirating thrill if we managed to sneak one of her precious kitties into Hardin. Lola's stay was brief but well worth it for the history we made and the laughs we got out of it.

Dear Diary


{Mustang gathering at this weekend's SAE party}
As word of my blog has been circulating through the Hardin/UT grapevine, I find myself explaining how BOD came to life. For the most part, it spawned from a need to cure a case of summer boredom. Though the thought may have never crossed my mind if it wasn't for my sister. In watching her document her expat travels, I thought I'd return the favor by documenting my daily adventures, so it became my digital diary.

Over the years, I've developed more of a focus on certain interests of mine (i.e. fashion, food, music) and tried to steer away from so much me, me, me. But now that I've entered my college years, where many of my friends and family are no longer nearby, I think it's the appropriate time for BOD to revert back to its roots at least once a week. So, here's my past week--enjoy!

I turned in my first formal college essay. Though it wasn't the relaxing post-ACL Sunday I would have liked, I hashed it out and was both proud and relieved to have it under my belt. This week will end with my first test--another daunting yet inevitable feat to overcome.

I finalized my sophomore housing plans! Yes, it's not even October and everyone in Hardin basically has their roommates and address set for next year. I'll be living with six other Kappas and I could not be more excited about it!

{from left to right: Katie, Olivia, Jenna, me and Julie}
Here are some of the girls I'll be living with at one of our mixers. The roomies names are bolded.

{Josephine and I, who will turn nineteen tomorrow, at last year's Senior Girl's formal}
Wednesday was a long but productive day. It started bright and early with an 8am Kappa Bible study followed by breakfast with Lana (who spent her weekend in New York!) and Sarah who spent her weekend visiting the Ole Miss Mustangs. Speaking of the Hotty Toddys, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPHINE! I love and miss you!

My productivity was complete with a late night Walgreen's run to pick up printed photos from my first month of college. Filling my KKG frames inspired me to organize in general, which I find to be a good midweek therapeutic activity.

On Thursday evening, I made my first solo trip to the Domain. I was in need of black jeans after mine decided to disappear over a year ago. Plus, I wanted to master the route to this Galleria-like shopping center. Later that night, Julianne, Merl and I had our first late night dive into the Hardin pool.

A spontaneous thought turned into a three person splash in a matter of minutes.

Good thing we had our friendly neighbor Meagan who was kind enough to document the excitement. Despite being completely frozen after, it's most definitely in the running as one of my favorite college moments yet.

Port Aransas was a lot of things--hilarious (never been so delirious in my whole life), exhausting (note to self: don't ever get the Dramemine that makes you drowsy), interesting (glad to know I eat phytoplankton every time I swim in the ocean), and hot (the calendar may beg to differ but no way it's actually fall here). Somehow, I found enough energy to go to SAE's Pirates On the Moon party when we got back. Here's me and one of my fellow field tripper's and sorority sister Tatum about to enter the party.

It was quite a jam-packed week, but anything else would be somewhat of an anomaly here. Now, onto the next one!

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder


I have eight minutes to spare before I make my way to the buses (praying it's not school buses for this five hour ride) for my Port Aransas biology field trip. I didn't realize the degree to which I love my roommates until this trip was approaching. Though it's only a mere 36 hours, I'll miss them terribly and can't wait to return with lots of entertaining stories to share over a carton of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and hummus--our two healthy and unhealthy addictions.

Oh, and I did have photos to upload, but the Internet here is being crusty so bear with me, so excuse the minimal post. Have a good weekend!

What's your tribe?


I think it finally hit me that I live in Austin, Texas this past weekend. It's the land of drag rats and hippies, of rolling hills and bat caves, and now the city I have the privilege of calling home. And when it comes to music festivals, Austin City Limits holds true to the tradition of everything being bigger in Texas.

Austin is a far cry from the flat terrain I was born in. Thousands of people showed up to the 10th annual festival held at Zilker Park. One of the biggest challenges was weaving your way through the human traffic throughout this hilly park, but it's a prime spot for people and outfit watching. Headwraps, bandeaus, tribal prints, cutoffs and feathers were popular trends among the weekend's music mavens.

One concert is usually enough to do me in. Half a dozen is another story. Luckily, ACL provides a wide range of dining options from some of Austin's best eateries.

They were all conveniently lined up in an area called Austin Eats. Everything from Love Shack & P. Terry's burgers to Torchy's Tacos to Austin Pizza to The Best Wurst to Amy's Ice Cream was available.

Lexi and I could not pass up The Lonesome Dove's truffled mac'n'cheese. One thing that hasn't changed from high school is our shared love for any and all things edible.

I ran into two of my Kappa sistas Mimi and Katie! One downfall of the madness of the festival is holding onto those you came with. Due to the massive crowds, your phone is likely to be sans service, so better hold tight to your buddies or you'll be jammin' by your lonesome.

Embracin' our inner artsy and what not...

Mem High reunited with a fellow blogger, Adam. Check out his blog on architecture, photography, and all things glamorous here!

I got to see Bright Eyes perform one of my all-time favorite songs--Shell Games. And right after that, I finally found Merl! Our facial expressions in this picture reveal our excitement.

Taylor and her friend Lamar bunked up at Hardin with us this weekend. It was a blast having one of my besties slumber with us, especially exposing her to college living. After a weekend of non-stop activities, they asked Merl and I how we do it. And we honestly said, we have no idea.

Friday night hosted two of the weekend's major headliners--Kanye West and Coldplay. The question of the day was which one you were attending. Though a fan of both artist's music, I ultimately chose to spend the majority of my time at Coldplay. Halfway because The Scientist, Fix You and Viva La Vida are such classics and halfway because Kanye is a too self-absorbed for my taste. I did, however, manage to make it to some of my favorites of Kanye's including Gold Digger, All of the Lights and Stronger.

I guess you could say there are some other fans of this English alternative rock band. They are undoubtedly one of the few bands I can say sound better live.

Saturday was day two, and because of the rain, I decided to revert back to the good ole digital camera. I spent the day with my bestie Jules watching Iron & Wine, Skrillex and Stevie Wonder do their thing. All very different genres, but all very good shows. My dad especially was jelly I got to see Mr. Wonder live. Isn't he lovely?

And one more roomie-run in with Merl and her bestie Grace. Had to document the moment of two sets of besties taking ACL by storm. This weekend won't resemble this past one in the slightest seeing that I'll be spending it with my biology class in Port Aransas. Thought field trips end in middle school? Think again, my friends. But I am confident it will be fun in its own right (plus some of my kkg sistas will be with me!). Happy almost Friday's Eve!

Allow Me to Explain


Exhaustion from ACL festivities + an essay due tomorrow still majorly in the works + a weekend spent entertaining visitors has resulted in the lack of posts on Bridget's Own. When time permits, I'll be back. I apologize for the brief hiatus!

A Century of Style


Fashion week is well underway in New York City, and I found this video to be the perfect means to virtually transport myself there. It displays 100 years of style in only 100 seconds. Note how many trends cycle in and out of style (denim vests and peasant dresses) while certain fads were just never meant to resurface (ahem, go-go boots). Those that are dance-crazed and/or fashion-obsessed alike will find themselves mesmerized as these Brits boogie through the streets and alleyways of East London. Enjoy!

Guilty As Charged


College, and more specifically Hardin House, is essentially one big nine-month long sleepover. And to be honest, sleepovers don't change much from the age of eight to the age of eighteen. Sleepovers glorify girly guilty pleasures, and during last night's roomie bonding sesh, we had almost all the bases of a classic sleepover covered aside from a pillow fight and painting our nails.
Mary Elizabeth purchasing a fridge for our room that came with a freezer was maybe the best and worst thing she's ever done for the girls of 2A. We ate an entire tub of Ben & Jerry's Milk and Cookies Ice Cream. And this took an embarrassingly short amount of time. But, in retrospect, I don't regret it. And if you've never tried this glorified version of classic cookies'n'cream, go to the grocery store now.

Of course boys were involved...Merly Whirly got a date to the OU game!

There was music sharing as I made ME her first mix of Moll's music.

Mags are a must. Timing was my friend seeing that I just got the September issue of Vogue in the mail. The man at the front desk handed it to me and with a perplexed look on his face, asked me why it was the size of an encyclopedia. Keith must have not read BOD when I did this post...rude. Anyway, we browsed through the many pages, commenting on some of the odd poses and many advertisements, and then arrived at the ultimate guilty pleasure: reading our horoscopes. We found out green isn't Merl's color, Kelsey's power day is the 28th, and I'll be forced into awkward conversations...love that.

There was also lots of texting and Facebook communicating going on amongst each other within the confines of the room. The fact that you're two feet away from the person makes it highly more entertaining.

And the most important detail: staying up until the wee hours of the morning being completely hysterical. Next time, we may just have to pull out all the stops by playing truth or dare and trying on each other's clothes. Even though my eyelids felt a little bit heavier in class today, I look forward to repeating last night over the course of the next 200 some odd days.

The Little Things


{a birthday card I handpicked for my bestie Caroline's nineteenth birthday}
The cool breeze I felt on Labor Day morning was my first clue that this week would be significantly less draining. My plate hasn't been any less full (hence why my blog posts have been few and far between), but it was the small joys--like a small temperature drop--that made my week. So here's a look at the things that made me smile this week in the forms of food, fashion, friendship, music, and family.

I have uncovered several Austin hot spots while I've been here (i.e. Mandola's Italian Market, Zocalo, and Leaf), but the one that stuck out to me as being especially blogworthy was Bananarchy--a small trailer that serves up chocolate-covered frozen bananas. Their impressive menu is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. You can get creative by concocting your own treat or try one of their specialties as seen above.

I went with my favorite flavor combination by topping mine in dark chocolate and toffee. I wasn't expecting to nail the whole thing, but less than ten minutes later all that remained was a layer of crumbled Heath bar on my napkin.

I went to lunch with Erin, Jason and Sam on Saturday, finally taking advantage of the family I have here in town. While dining on milkshakes and burgers, I was delighted to enjoy the company of family.

My alternative music discoveries always seem to be more grim in the off seasons of my favorite TV shows. I couldn't be happier to see that time of year come to a close as I already have a new favorite tune, Kinda Outta Luck by Lana Del Rey, thanks to the first preview for the fifth season of Gossip Girl.

Two of my best friend's birthdays just so happen to fall on the same date. On Friday, Caroline and Mollie turned 19 (one more year of being a teenager!) I used this as an excuse to explore Austin's Paper Source store where my sister always finds the most darling (and hilarious) cards. I've never experienced such a small space that could entertain me for so long; I spent well over an hour reading each clever card and handpicking trinkets for a goodie back I sent to SMU for Moll.

If you'll recall, I had a serious case of fall fashion fever not too long ago. I treated this illness with a faux fur fix. Merly (roomie/newbestie) and I got matching colored fur vests at The Domain. Yes, that happened.

After a weekend full of activities and hosting two guests (hopefully future Longhorns!), I'm wiped. Today's agenda included some much needed reorganizing, a Whole Foods trip to stock up for the week, blogging, and hopefully my schoolwork will get done in the meantime.

*Please excuse the slicing off of words on this post. I converted to the new Blogger and it still has a lot of kinks to work out. All words will be seen in full on future posts.