Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder


I have eight minutes to spare before I make my way to the buses (praying it's not school buses for this five hour ride) for my Port Aransas biology field trip. I didn't realize the degree to which I love my roommates until this trip was approaching. Though it's only a mere 36 hours, I'll miss them terribly and can't wait to return with lots of entertaining stories to share over a carton of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and hummus--our two healthy and unhealthy addictions.

Oh, and I did have photos to upload, but the Internet here is being crusty so bear with me, so excuse the minimal post. Have a good weekend!


Julianne Staine said...

I assume I'm a roomie too? Hehe COME BACK NOW

mary said...

Now that I'm in high school my time is sooo few ... But I always have time - or try to - have a quick look at your blog! And I still love it, of course! It's really nice to read about something different, other countries ...
I wish you all the luck :D