Guilty As Charged


College, and more specifically Hardin House, is essentially one big nine-month long sleepover. And to be honest, sleepovers don't change much from the age of eight to the age of eighteen. Sleepovers glorify girly guilty pleasures, and during last night's roomie bonding sesh, we had almost all the bases of a classic sleepover covered aside from a pillow fight and painting our nails.
Mary Elizabeth purchasing a fridge for our room that came with a freezer was maybe the best and worst thing she's ever done for the girls of 2A. We ate an entire tub of Ben & Jerry's Milk and Cookies Ice Cream. And this took an embarrassingly short amount of time. But, in retrospect, I don't regret it. And if you've never tried this glorified version of classic cookies'n'cream, go to the grocery store now.

Of course boys were involved...Merly Whirly got a date to the OU game!

There was music sharing as I made ME her first mix of Moll's music.

Mags are a must. Timing was my friend seeing that I just got the September issue of Vogue in the mail. The man at the front desk handed it to me and with a perplexed look on his face, asked me why it was the size of an encyclopedia. Keith must have not read BOD when I did this post...rude. Anyway, we browsed through the many pages, commenting on some of the odd poses and many advertisements, and then arrived at the ultimate guilty pleasure: reading our horoscopes. We found out green isn't Merl's color, Kelsey's power day is the 28th, and I'll be forced into awkward that.

There was also lots of texting and Facebook communicating going on amongst each other within the confines of the room. The fact that you're two feet away from the person makes it highly more entertaining.

And the most important detail: staying up until the wee hours of the morning being completely hysterical. Next time, we may just have to pull out all the stops by playing truth or dare and trying on each other's clothes. Even though my eyelids felt a little bit heavier in class today, I look forward to repeating last night over the course of the next 200 some odd days.


Cathy McConn said...

Love this! what a cute trio you girls are. love the mms pics. and keep me away from that ice cream....looks yummy to the max.