Purfect Surprise


{the culprits behind the catnapping crime}
It's easy to get stir-crazy in this 288-square-foot dorm room. In 2A, we've discovered that late night outings never fail to help us regain energy when RedBull or a cup of jo just won't do the trick. Our history of outings to date include pig out fests at Magnolia's, dips into the pool, ridiculous dance parties, and now the oddest of them all--catnapping.

{kelsey, mary elizabeth and i with merl's cat lola}

{our suitemate Madison and Julianne helped with our mission}
M.E. is practically a premature cat woman, so I thought it would be a pleasant surprise as well as an exhilirating thrill if we managed to sneak one of her precious kitties into Hardin. Lola's stay was brief but well worth it for the history we made and the laughs we got out of it.


mc said...

purrrrrrfect surprise. lol