Chocolate Coma


I've been pleased to find that I'm surrounded by foodies here at school. Our suitemates tune into Food Network on occasion and mealtime is pretty much the most anticipated part of the day. Our room has become somewhat of a hub for good eats, and I'm all for the consumption of our food being a collective red house effort, especially when we're dealing with sweet treats that might as well come with a warning for sugar, fat, and calorie overdosage.

That was the case with Kelsey's latest baking creation. She found these sinful cookie, Oreo, caramel brownie bars on Pinterest and couldn't resist giving them a try. And when I came home to the warm chocolate aroma overwhelming our room, I, too, simply couldn't resist. You'll be in a cocoa-coma after only a few bites of this decadent treat. And lucky for you, it's just as easy to make as it is easy to give into. Here's the recipe.


Haley didn't hesitate to make her brownie รก la mode with some good old-fashioned Bluebell homemade vanilla ice cream. We put the remains shown in the photo in the community kitchen the following day and only crumbs remained in less than an hour. So, thanks Kels! You provided many a smile for the residents of red!