Every Day I'm Hustlin'


I woke up at home Monday morning in the comfort of my own sheets, sprawled across my queen-sized bed. It was 7am--just about the same time I used to roll out of bed high school. This bizarre nostalgic feeling came over me that I was in fact still a high schooler, and as I hit I-10 to head towards Austin, I had to ignore my impulse to exit at Echo Lane.

Back in those days (a long 4 months ago!) I'd spend seven hours as a slave to a bell that told me when I had to be seated in a specific desk; from that point on, the next 50 minutes was a no eating, no bathroom visiting, generally no speaking zone. The occasional roaming through the halls and 25 minute lunch break were the only true sources of freedom. The school day was usually followed by cheer practice or a game, and the rest of the weekday evenings consisted of family dinner, Facebooking and hitting the books.

While the routine was at times mundane, at the very least it was consistent. Now, my schedule differs from day to day. I can barely keep up with my calendar, and with my days congested with activities, my calendar can barely keep up with me. Exhibit A:


As much as I make the effort to work out, it simply just doesn't happen as much as I'd like. Luckily, I have a built-in workout with my daily walks to class. I get about 13.5 miles in a week thanks to my treks around campus. I'd like to think that makes up for my multiple spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry's every evening.

Here's my Monday route, a total of four miles with class and our chapter meeting

My to-do list here is never-ending and stress is always looming right around the corner. From philanthropy events, to keeping up with old friends and still meeting new ones, to mixers, to the daily influx of emails, to the occasional call home, to schoolwork, to making it to mealtimes to the really important stuff like keeping up with my Pinterest, let's just say boredom is never really an issue here. But, I think I thrive in these kinds of environments. It's these go-go-go routines that make the simple things like driving away from campus, taking a walk to the Capitol, or blogging seem all the more therapeutic and peaceful.

But hey, we can't keep it together all the time. Thank goodness we know how to let loose when the going gets tough at 3am in 2A. Happy Friday's Eve to all and to all a good night!


mary said...

How I like to check your blog!
I hope everything's okay with you, although I don't really know you :)