Baby Boomers


Simply put, my sister Erin is one of the--if not the most--creative people I know. It must run in the family with Carolyn's natural finesse for blog designs and Amy's keen eye for interior design, which was showcased by her still-to-come baby boy's new nursery. Following our own family photo shoot for our 2011 Christmas card, Erin mentioned theirs was going to be a cyber-card this year. Amy and I went to get a sister sneak preview, and lo and behold she had a lot more to share than holiday cheer.

If you weren't completely caught up in marveling at her wonderfully-crafted video, you may have noticed the exciting news at the end. In just nine months, I will have doubled my number of nieces and nephews! Congrats to Erin, Jason and Sam, who is perhaps the most excited of us all to have a baby brother or sister come next summer.


Erin said...

Thanks Moll! You're sweet, and you're right. Sam might be the most perked now. Hope he stays that way!

Makenna Van Liew said...

Oh my god I cannot get over how precious this is! Congrats Erin!