The Simple Life


Never have I ever considered myself to be a minimalist. So, when I arrived at this result for my guide to my perfect perfume fragrance (courtesy of Elle magazine), I was admittedly a little surprised. It suddenly occurred to me that recently, I have indeed been making small attempts to declutter and simplify my life.

I started by unsubscribing to all of the hundreds of junk mail that floods my inbox on a daily basis.
Like, no Nine West, I did not ask if you were having a sale on booties. Thank you, North Face, but I am not in search of a new parka nor will I ever be as long as I live in Texas. And UT, the fire alarm emails are out of control. Oh, and ASOS, you just really need to chill out.

I've cleared out a healthy amount of the contacts in my phone. Yes, that means you, random girl I met while stalking the Gossip Girl set in NYC three summers ago--you are no longer in my address book. 'Bout time.

I've learned to say no to commitments that I simply don't have the time and/or the energy for.

What used to be a trunk at the end of my bed with stacks of papers has now become an organized booklet containing all the letters, birthday cards, and other notes of sentimental value to me.

And the next check on my to-do list is clearing out my overflowing closet which still holds an array of tops from 8th grade Dance Club parties and bottoms that don't fit my style or my waistline. I intend on doing a complete overhaul in my wardrobe over the long Christmas break, ridding it of frivolous trendy garments to make room for timeless pieces.

My small efforts may seem insignificant, but amidst all the parties, presents and presentations that come with the holidays, 'tis not the season for the simple life. So, any small step towards simplicity is helpful in clearing the clutter not only out of my closet and Gmail account, but also my mind. So, Elle, perhaps you do know me better than myself. After all,

I have slowly learned to tolerate, and dare I say it like, black coffee.

My favorite go-to outfit consists of a clean-cut white Oxford, a pair of true blue jeans, and a leather belt.

I prefer an Arial-esque font any day over any fancy schmancy script with curly Qs.
Confession: I fell asleep to the documentary, Helvetica, the other night--a 90-minute film discussing the evolution of this widely popular typeface. Not ashamed in the slightest.

My favorite purchase to date is still my translucent umbrella. (Thanks, Mace!)

Artsy Erin was at it again and made me fall in love with the idea of using craft paper for gift wrapping in lieu of a variation of patterns that strain your eyes, taking away from the charm of the ornamented tree.

And most of the time, a simply pony tail will do for me.

At the risk of sounding totally cheesy, I'd like to think simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. My sister oftentimes claims that European life is much simpler than here in the States, and her claim seems true in many respects (which is one of the many reasons that I can barely wait to study abroad.) I think this era of simplicity in my life was born with my investment in an agenda earlier this year. It may be a brief phase, but I refuse to be that pack rat old lady who stashes my prom dress in the back of my closet and keeps copies of my high school newspaper, so no time better to start pack-rat prevention than the present, right? So, cheers to living the simple life!


mary said...

I loved it from the beggining to the end :)
And I like how you seem to be so mature and simple!
Take care (:

Julianne Staine said...

Way to keep it real in this post, B. Hehe but really this spoke to my borderline ocd self