Family Ties


A considerable number of my new friends are still unaware of the size of my family. I can't help but laugh when someone casually asks if I have siblings. Once the initial shock wears off that I am one of seven, they are always anxious to ask more questions.
Here's the typical order the questions come in:

1) Where do you fall in the line?

2) Boy to girl ratio?
-girls tip the balance by one with four girls and three boys

3) Are they all from the same parents?

4) How old is the oldest?
-38...a whopping twenty years older than me

5) How much older is the one right above you?
-six years

6) The really intrigued ones will then request all the details:
names, ages, where they live, are they married, colleges, etc.
-And it's at this point I proceed to tell them to take a seat and take notes if they're so inclined.

Seeing how Thanksgiving is one of the more family-oriented holidays, this past celebration of giving thanks inspired me to dedicate a post to my family, especially in light of all the recent baby news. So, here is Thanksgiving at the McConn household revealed:

A big family requires a big table. I never thought I'd see the day, but somehow I managed to upgrade to the adult table in recent years.

After almost 40 years of raising kids, my mom has prepared 40 Thanksgivings and probably over 10,000 dinners. Let's just say she's close to chef extraodinaire.

We serve up the usual Thanksgiving fare only sans a sweet potato dish. Our green bean casserole, served with shallots and bacon instead of the typical creamy soup dish, has a modern twist. And our household specialty is a celery and olive salad, which isn't my personal favorite, but is a hit among most others.

My (and my rooomates) ultimate weakness: freshly baked Sister Schubert rolls

Erin and Jason putting their culinary and carving skills to work in the kitchen. This was just hours before they revealed their big news.

The girls and Sam were treated to these cute little Gingerbread men cookies along with...

these delicious pies. We offered a chocolate toffee pecan and an apple pie รก la mode. I, naturally, ate both.

After our meal settles and the tryptophan wears off, we head to the hub for the rest of the family, which is usually at my Aunt Melissa and Uncle Mark's house. The girls gather round the leftover food sipping coffee and spirits and indulging in girl talk while the boys...

gather round the television to watch the football games.

I finally got to meet the darling Quinn while I was in town, seen here with her great-grandmother Marmie. And now I have a new little one to meet over Christmas: Mr. Evan James Rizo-Patron.

He's got a head full of blonde locks and is already giving his darling older sisters (like his oldest sis Ceci in the picture) a run for their money.

So while we're on the subject of family, I ought to mention that today is my fellow blogging Euro-livin' sister Carolyn's birthday. She and Art (& Elsie of course!) should be permanently moved somewhere on the North American continent by her next birthday, and we all could not be more thrilled. I can distinctly remember thinking four years seemed like an eternity on their wedding day when they were a month away from being Austria-bound. Now, here we are as I approach my second semester of college. Needless to say, the time has flown by.

Bottom line is each and every member of my family is a blessing I am forever grateful for, and gathering with them every year is one of the best Christmas presents any of us could ask for.


Carolyn said...

Great post! Thanks for the shoutout at the end, sista! Love you.