Give Me A Break


Five weeks of break seemed a lot longer until this first week virtually flew by. I've been pleased to find that it hasn't been hard to keep myself busy with various odds and ends. Still, I have a lot on my to-do list. I figure if I post it for all of you to see, then maybe over half of these things will actually get done...maybe. Here's what made the top ten cut:

1) Cook / Bake
{left: pork tenderloin stuffed with spinach, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese. right: penne pasta with roasted asparagus and balsalmic butter.}
I'm embarrassed to admit how many items I pin on my "Girl Gotta Eat" pinboard. It's almost unbearable to have your mouth water at these food items with no kitchen nearby to concoct your own. Now that I have access to a kitchen at home, I am bound and determined to make at least three of these items with some of my spare time. I think a couple of dinner dishes like the ones above are in order, but I also can't resist putting my baking skills to work at least once.

These mint chocolate chip cookies look like a fun novel holiday item to experiment with:Photobucket

2) Gift shopping
I've made some online purchases for the gifts I'll be giving this Christmas, but I still have some real shopping to do. My ideal plan is to avoid the weekend rush and go in the middle of the work week.

3) Relaxing by...
Catching up on some Friends.

As well as perusing through my magazines that end up piled in stacks in my room.

4) Utilizing wardrobe items that don't get enough showtime at school
I hope the couple of winter hats I own get dusted off and make their way off the shelf and onto my head. But, for starters, Texas needs actual winter weather to make this goal feasible.

5) Road trips
I have trips to both Dallas and Austin on my itinerary for the break. The dates are still TBD, but I hope I can squeeze in at least a couple nights in each.

6) Live entertainment
Mollie gasped when I told her I had never seen The Nutcracker. Alas, it's true that I'm a Nutcracker virgin. I hope to make it this year...possibly with her!

7) Planning ahead
It seems like an eternity from now, but I know summer has a tendency of creeping up on me. I want to have a general idea of what my plan is for the upcoming summer whether that includes working in Houston, staying put in Austin, or any small travels.

8) Cleaning Up
A small but very necessary task on my list--get a car wash.

9) Babysitting
I want to spend a lot of time with my new nephew and niece. I met Evan, who is also my godson, the other day and he's even cuter in person.

10) Cinematime
The only movie I saw at UT was The Three Musketeers by total mistake, so I hope to make a few more enjoyable trips to the theatre. I saw New Years Eve, already fully aware that all the critics gave it two huge thumbs down. Going in with these low expectations made it seem not so bad in the end. I was surprised to find a touching story or two, a few laughs sprinkled throughout, and some eye candy in the form of Josh Duhamel (see above). Remind me again why he's married to Fergie.

I've tried to make my goals fairly realistic and not too pressing as the ultimate goal is to catch up on sleep, relaxation, and but of course blogging. Wish me luck!


mary said...

your godson is beautiful!
wish you a merry christmas! :D