Try, Try, Try Again


As I continue to assess this past year, I oftentimes find myself dwelling on those things that I wasted my time with, the things that made me distracted and less efficient, and ultimately the things that led me to be half the person I could be.

All New Years resolution lists end up looking like carbon copies of one another year after year. Hit the gym more. Make time to read. Spend more time with family. Get organized. And though these ideas may seem uninspired, they are still all admirable efforts, and if you can pull at least one off, you will inevitably be and feel like a better person twelve months down the road.

In hopes to change these ways, I thought this two and a half minute video eloquently summed up how to do so. The same wordage is used on this popular graphic that I blogged about over a year and a half ago. Sometimes we are all little kids and need to be reminded of the same things over and over again before the inspiration finally translates into actions. I hope something resonates with you as the Holstee Manifesto proudly presents a video that is a "celebration of gatherings, of diversity, of life, and of the beauty of shared experience." Enjoy!

*The video for the post below has been made public for all to see. Sorry 'bout that!


mary said...

I really really liked this video you posted. Although it is a little "easier to say than to do" it's all true! And we are the ones that complicate a lot when we really shouldn't... maybe life isn't supposed to be understood.
And I believe there are a lot of people out there like you, like me, that really want to live, to share, to dream!
Have a nice year!

Mariana - from

mary said...

thank you for the comments!
I get my pictures at :)
yes, yes, I believe that too!