I've Got the Whole World in My Hands


As much as I adore my Canon Rebel camera, the fact of the matter is it's a lug to carry around. So, when I'm running low on energy and/or motivation, I always have my handy dandy iPhone to fall back on. Fortunately, my recent upgrade to the 4S has allowed me to have a pretty decent camera with me at all times. (Yes, my phone is with me at all times. My parents can testify to that claim.) Much of the memories of my break are contained in the photo log on my phone. And, as you'll note--for better or for worse--many of them are selfies. For whatever reason, they really never get old and sending pictures of oneself has embarrassingly become a common mode of communication amongst my age group. So, as I tuck myself into my bed at home one last night before I head back to Hardin, here's my Christmas break told through muploads (that is, mobile uploads, for those of you that are Facebook foreigners). Here's to a splendid second semester!