Ski Bunny


{my bedroom floor, covered in practically every winter clothing item I own, as I prepare for my trip}
Tomorrow, or today rather, I depart for Colorado to spend the last week of Christmas break skiing with many of my college friends on the Fiji ski trip, better known as Skiji.

We're headed to beautiful Breckenridge, which is described as "the cutest little town" by those who frequent it.

I'll be rooming with none other than my usual roomie, Merl, and it sounds like we are on the same level when it comes to skiing abilities. I'm not sure what else the trip will have in store other than skiing at this point, but I'm certain a good time will be had by all as we hit the slopes before it's time to hit the books. Wish me safe travels and snowy slopes! See you next weekend as I round out my break with a final weekend in Houston. Oh, and go Texans!


Hen said...

I love skiing, I hope you have an amzing time!
Breckenridge looks adorable.
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