We're Gonna Have a Good Day



As I spend my final week of my break at home, I really shouldn't complain about indulging in this lazy lifestyle. But just when I thought sleeping in, staying up late, and keeping up with Facebook as my day job was living the good life, I realized that may not be the case. Boredom officially set in a couple of days ago and the end of break is becoming less daunting and more exciting. I know I should treasure these long periods of R&R seeing that I may never see a break this long after college, however it's nice to know that back to school is not a terrifying thought, but instead, something to look forward to.

It's pretty impossible to have a bad day with this lifestyle. You can't get a bad exam grade back, you're provided with free home-cooked meals, and the weather has been more than pleasant. But, you can be terribly unproductive, which is when the last item on the above list becomes crucial. That's why I make it my mission to accomplish something worthwhile in each 24-hour time span, giving each day a sense of purpose as well as giving myself one.

Lucky for you and me, this list provides simple tasks to implement in your daily routine, and most are free of charge. Today, my boredom will be appeased by two of my pledge sisters coming in from Austin to stay with me. So, for now, I'm off to hosting duties, but I wish you all very, very good days!