Caught in the Act


The only out of the ordinary thing about last Thursday night downtown was that I was tucked in bed at an early 2AM, ensuring I would receive an astounding eight hours of sleep (a rare occurrence in my life, to say the least).

{we couldn't resist having a photo shoot of this rare occasion of hosting boys in Hardin. congrats to drew for getting in and out unscathed. well deserved for the birthday boy!}
Little did I know I would be awakened only minutes later by two male intruders in Hardin. Thankfully, it just so happened that these male intruders (as Hardin House likes to refer to them as) were very familiar faces. It's common knowledge among these parts that you'll go down as a legend if you successfully sneak into Hardin without getting caught on your way out.

{coley caught in the act}
Though only one out of the three culprits this time around were successful in their stealthy endeavor, it was worth all the laughs, memories, and the pictures with the guards (that secretly revel in this excitement during their typically mundane job).

{may, me, macy, laud}
Prior to the big Studio 54 party that I mentioned in the post below, a big group of us from Memorial took the senior Memorial girls to dinner at Abel's on the Lake.

The party was a resounding success. I got to be with my best friends like Caro on the left, my visitors that I've missed from back home like Laura Lee in the middle, and the Fiji pledges got a glimpse of the new boys that will make up some of next year's pledge class, as seen in the last photo with George (a current pledge) and Ford (a senior from MHS).

I have no doubts that the soon-to-be freshmen enjoyed their stay. I can only hope that they all receive the exciting news this week that they'll get to experience four more years of Studio 54's and so, so much more.

{rye & ross}
Since I suppose there's not much else on the web discussing Fiji Studio 54, SAE Jungle or anything of the sort, Bridget's Own Diary happens to be one of the first links on Google when you search those items. Several of my guy friends ended up stumbling on BOD because of this and so I've had some shout out requests. Ross, here's your big blog debut, as promised!

Happy, happy Valentine's day! I hope you get to celebrate with many if not all of your loved ones.


Carolyn said...

Yay, I see peek of bracey in last pic!

Ross said...

I can die happy now.