Disco Fever


{Supermodel and Studio 54 Icon Jerry Hall}
Tonight is one of the biggest parties of the year at UT--Fiji's Studio 54. It sort of marks the transition from us being the babies on campus to the hopeful freshman who plan on attending UT this fall. I feel like this was us only yesterday, but our time is almost up, and I couldn't be more excited to have the grade below us join us here soon

You always hear the hype about how fun college is, but words never really do it justice. That being said, I hope I can show some of my favorite seniors, Laura Lee and Macy, at least half the fun they'll have next year if they decide to come here. They, along with many other seniors, are on the road headed this way right now as all of us in Hardin get our flower power dresses and go-go boots prepped for this evening's festivities.

The freshman Phi Gams have been working long and hard all week to create quite the set-up for all of us to enjoy (all of us being a lot of us). In true old school Studio 54 fashion, this party will certainly draw the masses...

Welcome to college! Here to a fun Friday at Fiji 54!


Cathy McConn said...

Jerry Hall from Mesquite, Texas. Where Mary & Gary live. with Angelica Huston, daughter of the film producer, John Huston. The good old days. Have a blast tonight!

Richard Sparr said...

Wish I could have seen you at the party to share a dance....
but Happy Birthday. Ive got a surprise for you later.